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  1. TBRNoTB

    Thymolised feed emulsifier

    Is there an alterative emulsifier other than Lecithin that can be used with Hivemakers receipe? Reason being I can only find it in 250g tins @£8.00 a pop and as I only need a couple of tea spoons......... Regards TBRNoTB
  2. TBRNoTB

    Wasps 2

    Saw in a garden centre the other day something called a 'Waspinator' apparently an artificial wasps nest that you hang around the patio etc to keep the wasps away, has anyone used these, and do they work? I wonder if they would work in an apiary?
  3. TBRNoTB


    I can see why it is classed as invasive, just had a walk around a local golf club in Leigh, Lanc's, see photo. There is quite a large brook amongst that lot! Still wish I had it near my apiary;)
  4. TBRNoTB

    Start saving for Christmas!

    Highgrove Estate, Charlies gaff is now producing (to order, I wonder why?) top bar hives priced at £1250.00 a time. This is for sale along side a hen house 'sleeping 4 to eight hens' at a knock down price of £3750.00 What planet do these people come from?:hairpull:
  5. TBRNoTB

    Fondant and TBH

    Anyone fed fondant to TBH's if so, how?
  6. TBRNoTB


    Aldi's sugar 86p!
  7. TBRNoTB

    Contryfile today

    Small section on the programme today about research into Neo-nicotinoids,all about the coating of rape seed. They interviewed a Bayer:puke: spokesperson who gave out the usual weasel words of 'Its not our fault Guv'
  8. TBRNoTB

    Contryfile today

  9. TBRNoTB


    Pub open:)
  10. TBRNoTB

    Cyprus Queens?

    Post removed by Admin after members complaints regarding advertising.
  11. TBRNoTB

    New QE from Th**nes

    Had my orange plastic QEs replaced with white ones by Th**nes, only to find the same thing happening with the new ones (bees struggling to get through, if at all) Th**nes say they will replace again with Zinc type. Anyone else had the same problem? Regards TBRNoTB
  12. TBRNoTB

    Sweetness and light

    It looks like sweetness and light has broke out on the forum, no cat fights, bickering, sulks or whatever. Or am I missing someone? maybe we are in for a good summer!;) Regards TBRNoTB
  13. TBRNoTB

    Chemical Residues?

    How long before we end up in the same boat? not only with commercially produced honey (as in imported) but with locally produced! looks like they have been heavy on the liquid when clearing the supers. See below (With thanks to 'Seldom Fools Apiculture') Regards TBRNoTB Posted: 26 Nov 2010...
  14. TBRNoTB

    Cheap Sugar

    Home Farm Frozen Foods are selling 1kg bags of sugar for 55p:drool5:( in Bridgwater, Somerset at least!) Use store finder on their website. Regards TBRNoTB
  15. TBRNoTB

    Unite with TBH

    Hi everyone Is it possible to unite two colonies from TBHs? the newspaper method looks a none starter, so whats the solution? (don't need to do it, just wondering!) Regards TBRNoTB:driving:
  16. TBRNoTB

    TBH and Oxalic Acid

    What is the best way to treat (if you are going to) a TBH with Oxalic Acid, or is it not possible considering the bars will need to be closed up rapidly?:confused: Regards TBRNoTB
  17. TBRNoTB

    Bees at last!

    Got my first swarm (very first bees) for my KTBH on Sunday, left the travelling hive inside the TBH,entrance stuffed with grass overnight. Mid day Monday released the remainding grass, bees already flying and managed to tie one comb (empty) to a bar and shake them in. I know I know, find the...
  18. TBRNoTB

    Buckfast Abbey

    Hi everyone Has anyone any info about what is happening at Buckfast? it seems they are selling off most of their hives, modified dadent, and reducing output etc! It will be a great loss to the bee keeping community if it is correct! :( maybe they are concentrating on producing more 'bukkie':)...
  19. TBRNoTB

    2010 nucs in Somerset/Devon

    Hi Anyone have Nucs for sale in 2010, if so type, how much and where? Regards to all:auto: