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    Professional food scale

    I asked my local (Wigan) TS to inspect my labels etc to confirm that they were happy and they sent me an email containing the following re scales Honey has to be sold by nett weight and you need to use a government stamped/verified weighing scale. We bought a T Scale T28 which cost £140 and...
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    Mentor Wanted Cheshire WA13

    I have hives in Leigh, Astley and Tyldesley if you want to tag along in Spring... I've been told someone has hives in Glazebury near Bents
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    Beekeeping schools

    Bolton School, Bolton in Greater Manchester have a Beekeeping Club... Google them for more details or contacts
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    Neighbours show true colours

    Where abouts in Wigan are you... I caught 4 swarms in bait hives I left at my GFs in Hawkley Hall last year and collected several swarms from the Wigan Area.. I have hives in the Aspull and New Springs areas
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    Price of Sugar

    You can print the farmfoods vouchers to get an extra £2.50 off ever £25 you spend
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    Swarm Bold area St Helens

    If the swarm is still there I will collect it first thing..
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    cheapest fondant this year

    Last time I bought fondant of Bako North West I was originally quoted over £15 a box... After speaking to a rep and opening an account it dropped to just over £11.. I ordered 15 boxes and the price included delivery
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    Patteson's jar sale

    I buy almost all my jars from the special offers Pattesons have.. IMHO they are a great price and I've ordered 200 of the 8oz Hex Jars
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    Jar Prices

    I buy all my jars from Pattesons when they have the frequent special offers and the jars are on sale at half price
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    Asian Hornet - a natural trap for them?

    I used to have a large collection of carnivorous plants hence my log on name.. You will never control hornets with Sarracenias and they will trap bees, wasps etc.. You need to make sure you are growing them in Sphagnum peat mix, even better in live Sphagnum moss.. The only Sarracenia which is...
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    High density Polystyrene

    I got some sheets of a mate who stripped a fridge van out, they are rather thick though
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    Look what I found

    The offer has been running for some time.. Someone posted on another site that they had bought it for 32p a Kg at B & M Bargains, however when I checked my local branch they quoted me 59p
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    Anyone local? Tyldesley

    I have some Hives in Tyldesley and some on Astley Moss.. There are other Beeks on this site that have hives on Tyldesley Allotments as well Message me and I will give you some contact details
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    14x12 nuc recommendations

    I am a big fan of the Paynes Poly Nucs and accessories, like others I now ignore the feeders I just use the brood box extension with a lid to collect swarms on grass before transferring the frames into the Nuc
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    Frame boiling pot

    If you want a stainless tank visit any scrap metal dealer who deals in non ferrous metals, as the price of scrap has dropped you will get something suitable cheap
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    still getting swarm calls

    I collected 4 swarms last week all courtesy of local pest controllers and then found 2 swarms in bait hives yesterday I always use Paynes 14 x 12 Poly Nucs to collect swarms, however I use the Brood Extension on its own to pop over swarms on grass and then transfer the frames to the poly nuc
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    Experience making own frames

    2nds DN4 frames in packs of 50 can be bought for £30, is it really worth the time and hassle of sourcing the timber and making them
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    Hony Bee Invasion

    Could well behind the facia board.. It will more than likely involve a cut out.. the sooner it's done is the easiest
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    Reluctant Swarm

    Like Yorkshire Bees I always use Poly Nucs for swarms, the ones I use are Paynes 6 frame 14 x 12 and if that isn't big enough I always have their Brood extensions with me which make them 12 frame
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    Excellent Service From Wynne Jones

    I fully agree. I've just received a delivery today... Everything went as smooth as clockwork.. they sent a email yesterday saying my order had been sent and would arrive today