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    Harper Adams BBKA convention

    I'll declare an interest - in that I live in Warwickshire, Stoneleigh is a stones throw away. One event for the whole country - it needs to be in the Midlands so travelling is less than 200 miles from most people - but that is stupid itself. But - why just 1 event?? I started bkeeping 13...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Boxed up a colony in nuc box - ready for move to new owner Added a frame of stores to keep 'em fed for a day or 2
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    Bee nuc prices.

    There are a lot of colonies about. See beekeeping press. No mass die out this winter, so the auction helps demonstrate the real price out there Not stupid prices of several hundred £'s Reality will dawn - supply and demand will correct the market Try an auction yourself - Gloucestershire Bee...
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    Lucky Day

    Hi Beauhawk Sounds great. If not new they first need cleaning. Soda and scorching with blowtorch. If they are stackable - ie put 2 together to make a 10 frame box, this potentially catches bigger swarms, but 5 frame nucs potentially will also catch swarms, but probably casts. nuc boxes are...
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    Plastic Queen cups Had to get to 10th post on forum to give the link !!
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    Plastic Queen cups

    Hi Cellectronic Try Bee equipped, Derbyshire
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    Swarm or nuc value

    at what point does a swarm cease to be a swarm and become nuc of value? I agree with previous comment - if it's in a box, sign of brood its a nuc. No such thing as British Standard nucs anymore, just a guideline. Your price is what someone will pay. 2 years ago, Glos bee auction, it I recall...
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    Sugar Tax

    If sugar was taxed (and lard, and Salt ) for 1) i would not have a sugary lard ar*e, diabetes and many like me might not either 2) would the tax apply to honey? - sweetner for the poor in the past. Maybe boomtimes ahead Tax is not the answer, it has not stopped smokers killing themselves Just...
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    spring feeding

    Hi Beenovice - is this your 1st winter with bees? Town bees have access to more pollen and nectar sources than country cousins and the town maybe warmer, so your bees may be collecting nectar/pollen quite happily. Don't feed to stimulate to a big colony early, feed to stop starvation Try...
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    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    When !! I eventually get out of work - 1st job is to check the 2 sites I have - one likely to be wind affected - one next to a ditch could be messy !
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    What have you learnt this year?

    Queen marking cages - do not stick to car roofs - but do adhere firmly to car tyres
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    Queen stopped laying, then started again...

    Queens seem to have stopped for a bit. Some of my more yellow queens a little keener to keep going, the darks, very little action Heavy feeding hasn't encouraged mine too much either. Reports that ivy is flowering should start a flow of nectar & pollen - and a welcome batch of overwintering bees.
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    Nucs and queens from Dark Cornish bees.

    Hi James. i'm part of a native breeding program in Warwickshire, very interested in getting a fresh line of native bee as ours is declining. Have you got any mated AMM queens at present ? Kevin
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    Biology and ecology of 'the black bee'

    Thanks for the article - and the link worked fine. It's good to see the cause of AMM being pursued in other parts of its native range. BIBBA also prefer breeding from local stocks but, its difficult to find anything to start with in some places. The despair of all colonies stinging...
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    Roof Metal

    :RE old washing machine metal I recycled the aluminium of my old fridge. Dangerous lark though, free metal but 5 stitches in thumb after levering out pop rivets. Great scar! :iamwithstupid