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    Observation Nuc

    Hi, Does anyone know here I can get plans to make an observation Nuc ? I would like to build one so I could take it to some schools to show what goes on inside. Regards
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    I have found an out apairy, but did want to keep them in the garden as they do give me so much joy watching then come and go. The neighbouring fence is six foot high so the bees are up and away above his head hieght. Even if I moved it to the front of my house I cant stop the bees going on his...
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    I live in a what I would call a normal three bed semi which does have a good size garden tho, with four neighbours gardens along the side of the right hand side of my house/garden. Now I have been keeping bees in this garden for three years and the hive has always been in the summerhouse with...
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    sugar @tescos

    I have just come back from Sainsburys with a 5KG bag for £3.99, I did see in one of the pound shops at the weekend, a 1.2KG bag for a pound.
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    I re queened this hive last year. I was puzzled with just the one capped cell, I did think that maybe she made a mistake and laid an egg in a cup by mistake. Cheers
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    Thank you Drstitson, What puzzled me was the one capped cell ? What would you do now ? Regards Badger
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    Hi, Thought I would ask to see what others thought? I have a one and a half brood, overwintered. It is not 100% full, but including stores it is prob 90% I supered a month ago and they are filling this up. On inspection today, I found loads of eggs/brood/lavae a few queen cups but one capped...
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    bait box

    I have put a bait box out about a mile from my hive and several bees have been seen going around in and out over the last few days. I went to see it today and there was a bee at the entrance just inside standing there fanning her wings, I did not see any others around it whilst I was there. My...
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    second brood or second super ?

    Thanks Veg and PH, Today I added a brood body under my existing brood and another super above brood and under the existing super. I found the super nearly full of honey and about the top third was capped and a very nice weight. I only inspected three frames quickly. I also only inspected three...
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    second brood or second super ?

    Hi Craig, Looking at my records last week I had about 9 to 10 frames of brood at various stages ?
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    second brood or second super ?

    Hi, I have a strain of Buckfast bees. I have a National with a super on and the super has drawn uncapped comb nearly full with honey. My question is, I know I can add another super to increase the hive size for the girls but is it too late to add another brood body ? I would like peoples...
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    second super ?

    Hi, We added a super two weeks ago and on inspection earlier this week they had nearly drawn all the ten frames out and had around eight frames of uncapped honey stored in them. Our next inspection will be towards the end of next week and I wondered when would be the best time to add another...
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    3ft 3Mile rule ?

    Hi, If I wanted to split my hive and put a hive less than 1 mile away from my own hive, I would have to take the new hive more than three miles away to establish or they would return to the original hive. How long would I have to keep them three miles away before I could bring them to their new...