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    10 nucs needed ASAP

    Hi Looking to purchase 10 nucs /colonies within the next few days to start new apiary project ,, I am in south staffs but will travel to collect , Thanks Mark:bigear:
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    hive plus three roofs stolen staffordshire

    Hi all A very good friend of mine has had one complete hive and three hive roofs pinched over the weekend, the initial thinking that the roofs were pinched for scrap , The complete hive contents (frames and bees ) were found on Monday by myself discarded in the middle of a country lane , about...
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    Nucs for sale

    Hi, I have 2 nuc boxs ready for sale , they are both on national std brood frames Both Queens are marked and laying well.The bees are covering 5 frames. I am looking for £125 each. I am in South Staffordshire near j 13 M6 buyer to bring box , Or box supplied at cost , Mark...
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    chat room usage

    hi anyone fancy a chat in chat room tonight say 10 any subject??? its free so make the most of it mark
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    Banana wine

    Hi Anyone know why homebrew Banana wine tastes nothing like Bananas? other brews do usually taste a little like the fruit they are made from but banana dont Mark
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    supplier for Extruded poly "styrofoam" needed

    Hi all I have found some drawings on www for micro/mini nucs which are made from extruded polystyrene so I need a supplier. need 8x4x 1/2 inch sheet extruded polystyrene (styrofoam )local to s/staffs W/mids or online with delivery. I am sure one of the DIY stores should have it but I am...
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    Opinions On Thymol Contamination

    Hi loooking for opinions, If I have used Thymol mix or Apiguard treatment in October and there is a super on the hive 1. can the super box and frames be used for honey stores next season with or without burning out / boiling or not used at all again for honey? 2.can the wax be used again for...
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    smoked honey?

    :confused:Hi, I have been advised by a fellow beek that smoke from a smoker can taint or flavour a honey crop that is in a hive and also that using smoke can put the honey and wax production back by several days , is there any truth in this or is fiction , :confused::confused:
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    No Booker Sugar

    Hi all, following a recent post regarding entry to Bookers to get cheaper sugar, I phoned my local booker store yesterday and asked for entry as I am a beek and have BBKA membership, The reply was "they did not know anything about this" and "I was unable to enter with my beekeeping card" . I...
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    Nuc Box Casualties

    Hi , have just been given a nuc box containing Queen cells, brood and honey , moved to my apiary yesterday, I have noticed today 2 white bee larva on the entrance board dead , is this OK? could it be the move? or more serious implications? :( any advice please