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    Restoring some semblance of normality

    I've inherited a number of hives/colonies to look after. One of them appears to have fallen over some time ago and been reassembled partly upside down. The colony is lively and seems to be thriving. I've just had a peek inside and would be grateful for your suggestions on the next steps. The...
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    Small-scale and large-scale beekeeping - what's the difference?

    Quote: Makes you wonder how commercial beekeepers ever manage to get any honey from all these diseased colonies that aren’t getting shook swarmed or Baileyed? Unquote. The above (ironic) comment by Erichalfbee yesterday got me thinking: apart from comb changing (Bailey and shook swarm), and...
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    Apivar not working?

    It's coming up to 7 weeks since I put Apivar strips on a hive. The daily mite drops for the last few days have been above 20. Obviously, I can leave the strips on for another week or two. But if the job hasn't been done by now, something seems to be wrong. Any suggestions about what to do? I...
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    Certan now not available

    Certan (B401 Bacillus thuringiensis) is (temporarily?) unavailable just now. Does anyone know if stored drawn combs can be protected from wax moth by being sprayed with a product like TOPBUXUS XenTari which contains Bacillus thuringiensis and is sold to gardeners as a safe biological product for...