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    Nicot cupkit failure

    I move clean cupkit to Q+ hive at least 7days before laying. then put Q in cupkit for 1 day. release her after 24h but leave cupkit in the same hive for 3 days. then move the choosen cups into a cell bar to a Q- hive to make QC. at day 14/15 they go to an apidea (well, just the one in this case...
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    DIY was never my strong point

    I always put in a frame when assembling... I know, not much help to you now :-). I had a similar experience first year I started out. measured it out with a frame but forgot the runner. in the end, I took a chissel to it to make a slope down. it seems however you have a bevel on it already...
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    Nicot cupkit failure

    Hi all, tried the cupkit last year. queen laid it up nicely but when she is released, the bees cleared out all the eggs. I thought this was due to a lack of flow and vowed to try again this year. tried 3 times this year. first time, exactly the same happened. second time, I had some larvae at...
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    Odd behaviour- honey in brood

    Mine do exactly that. I am on 14x12. they refuse to take it up in the supers. I am considering taking out the QE to see if that makes a difference... I would not worry about nectar though. it is quite normal for them to dump that in the most convenient/occupied space and move it afterwards
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    A Welsh Flow Hive Harvest

    Now that it is resurrected, does the OP Tremyfro have an update for us? I have always wanted to know how the flowhive performs after a few years of use when propolis and wax is thrown in the mix. Has she had an OSR or heather crop with it yet? Please share your experiences with us. I want to...
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    Clipping queens.

    I clipped my queens for the 1st time this year. combining family, work and bees, I have to work around the schedule to inspect. I have had bees swarm ahead of the 7 days schedule and sometimes I can only inspect after 8 or 9 days. the clipping ensures me they do not abandon me before virgins...
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    Thymol recipe against Nosema & fermentation of syrup feed...

    3rd year here but it seems the Thymol has eaten away the seal of the jar lid. very leaky now and as a result a very smelly garage :-).
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    Selling Honey

    Most hobby beekeepers run out of honey to sell before new lot is produced. Just ask whatever is local average (club set prices?). I only give discount to liked colleagues and friends. you are contemplating a 20% discount for a stranger. it would be a 33% discount here in Kent as we ask £6 per LB
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    Dry wax & Microwave

    I think nothing would happen as no water present but have not tried. I can however tell you what happens if an au bain Marie goes explosive in the microwave :-) Hint: should it happen: warm up a wet towel in the centre of the microwave and wipe clean while hot. that took me a few days of...
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    Apple blossom - bees are choosy

    the low sugar nectar is exactly why they migrate bees into orchards. if they are not on their home patch they will first work what is in front of their eyes before venturing out and discover there is much better about...
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    Deformed wing virus

    I would only do it if they have strong signs of varoa and they are a strong colony. after that, they bounce back stronger than ever. you only set brood back 21 days. for a commercial beekeeper this might be unacceptable but I lost a lot of queens with Maqs and the queens that do make it go off...
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    Deformed wing virus

    This time of year there are a few non chemical interventions, 1. shook swarm. leave 1 empty drawn frame on (ideally drone comb) and remove once capped. no need for miticides and very effective! 2. another way is rotating drone comb in it to catch mites. kill once capped and repeat. take...
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    Any swarm success

    Any time now! did first AS this weekend and another member had his swarm on him here in canterbury...
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    Wax moth

    angry bees? I would be furious by so much incompetence!
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    spring varroa treatment

    this time of year, I would consider shook swarm in a couple of weeks. no chemical, clean new comb. finman will be here soon to tell me off. you can reuse the original comb after freezing.
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    Plastic - NO

    I am still a bit puzzled that the debate for taxation always ends with just that, a tax on polution. we now pay 5p per bag but hardly any supermarkets have put that money to replace them by "biodegradable" bags. Although not as degradable as marketed, they are probably a step in the right...
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    hive roof

    if it is aluminum: dissolve some dishwasher soap (basic solution) and rub it on. it will corrode and leave you with a perfect mat surface.
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    Istrumental insemination, etc.

    Sodiium Chloride 0.9% w/v Ph. Eur in that link. so just dissolve 0.9g of kitchen salt in 100ml (destilled) water, autoclave and you are done. not as pharmaceutially pure as what you buy but hey, they are just bees ;-)
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    At least you will be able to tell if you fed too much. your spring crop will taste of vanilla :-)