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    Sterilised bees wax

    Must be a good thing for bee wot do you think
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    What will you be supplemented your bees With have you had good results with it thanks you in Advance.
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    new hives

    Where would you recommend to buy 7 new wooden hives from at this time of the year please Recommendations and good customer service is a must
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    Polystyrene 1lb jar safes/packaging needed!

    Desperately need polystyrene jar safes/packaging for 1lb jars - need 300 in total. Have been let down at last minute by a large supplier. Any help or advice on where to go greatly appreciated also! Many thanks in advance
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    Can somebody help with insurance public liability recommendations Need to get something up and running for the next week ? Appreciate your help
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    I need 20kg of wax

    In need of some wax looking for 20 kg Bedfordshire
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    I'm looking for a Warming cabinet

    Hi all I'm looking for a warming cabinet and I'm based in the hearts and beds Borders
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    Bee vac

    I'm looking for the man who makes the bee vacs thanks for your help
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    Images of a cut out

    Bees went in last year. Very Nice bees
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    How to test yeast in honey ?

    Wots the best way to test yeast in honey?
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    Bee Dysentry

    This colony died from starvation, how bad is this image?