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    Bridget Beattie on TV

    Did anyone else watch Little England on ITV today ? It gave quite a lot of space to Bridget Beattie who was shown tending her hives in the Dordogne and mentoring and coaching beginners for the BBKA Basic Assessment. She appeared very knowledgeable and it was very positive PR for beekeeping...
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    LIDL Wood Burning Iron

    I see that LIDL are due to have a Wood Burning Iron in on 15/8 - apparently intended for that old craft of Pyrography which still flourishes in some European countries. It strikes me that while less quick than a Branding Iron, I can use it to inscribe my postcode on both hive exteriors and...
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    The latest issue of Beecraft is carrying an ardent testimonial in the Letters page for Varroa-Gard, alongside a full page ad (pardon my cynicism). The claims being made for it appear little short of miraculous and superior to any other chemical tratment. Does anyone have any experience of...
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    Linseed Blossom

    A farmer friend has invited me to put a hive in a field in which he has planted linseed. I cam't find any info whether linseed (aka flax) blossom is a useful forage for bees. Has anyone got any further info ?
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    Kim Flottum on Varroa Resistance

    On 1st November, Kim Flottum, editor of the leading Beekeeping magazine Bee Culture gave a talk at Thornes to lincolnshire BKA entitled "Using Nuclei Effectively". What particularly interested me was an aside he made regarding varroa when he stated that he has not used chemical treatments for...
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    Aldi Router / Router table

    As a very clumsy DIYer, I wondered if it would be worth buying the router and router table that Aldi are selling from tomorrow. I've never used a router but I've been thinking of trying to build some Warre hives which need boards that are rebated. Does anyone have any thoughts on this ?
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    Cuprinol Clear

    Cuprinol Clear has been recommended in the past for beehives but it appears that its' formulation has changed and it is no longer safe. See the Cuprinol site :
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    Insulated hives

    I've recently seen a thread showing a self built hive with the interior insulated with polystyrene - it drew some criticism on the grounds that the bees would chew up the polystyrene. I can't find the thread now but it made me think of Polish websites where, apart from the professionally made...
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    Mentor Wanted

    Mentor Wanted in Lincolnshire Hi, I'm a beginner with two hives in the East Lincolnshire area. I've done the Lincolnshire Beginners course this spring but I'd be interested in visiting more experienced beekeepers to see them at work with their hives and gain more practical experience.:):) I'd...