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    Museum hive?

    Hello a year or two ago I went to a museum somewhere in England which had a clear perspex beehive in it on the top floor - but I can't remember where the museum was! Does anyone else know the museum I refer to? It was a smallish museum, i.e., not one of the biggies like the Natural History...
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    Honey for sale in Kent?

    Hello people of Kent, I'm looking to sample various honey from around our county as and when I run out of honey at home to eat (haven't started bee-keeping just yet!). I'd like to know what price you are selling at (and for how much in weight terms), and where/when I can get it. Just leave...
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    Homemade skep?

    I saw this excellent webpage today on how to make your own skep out of straw and cord made out of brambles - for that traditional medieval beehive look! Has anyone had any experience of this in practice? I'm thinking about making one and just leaving it at the bottom of the garden to see whether...
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    Hello from another new member!

    Hello Everyone! I'm interested in possibly getting bees to keep at some stage. Where's the best place to start reading? I'm going to be interested in getting them for one or two (or possibly both) different areas - one in the middle of a largish wood, the other in a field in the open...