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  1. tedandagnes

    nuc wanted north yorks/lancs/cumbria

    Hello I lost my bees this winter, have 1 nuc on the way as part of the village project but would like my own so that I have 2 hives. I am in the southern Dales but happy to travel. Thanks Rachelle
  2. tedandagnes

    Laying worker update

    Just had a quick check & definately got a laying worker so my plan is as follows & I would be really grateful for any advice or comment as I am really new to this Thanks hive 1 - prime swarm, old queen still laying aprox 1 frame of brood (capped & lavae)spread over 2 frames small number of...
  3. tedandagnes

    Laying workers what to do...(long post)

    hi there very new beekeeper here & would be very grateful for some advice. Got Nuc of bees at end of June from thornes was told was this years queen but she was marked with white dot & had a clipped wing, other 5 nucs in the group weren't marked or clipped. Seemed to be going along swimmingly...