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    The Beehaus - 2 years down the line.

    I agree Oliver, there were a lot of cuts !!! And of course there are a number of variants on the Dartington, some that are shorter (15 or even 10 frame) for moving onto heather and the like, some that are longer (25 frame) for queen rearing and a monster 30 frame unit to keep 2 permanent...
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    The Beehaus - 2 years down the line.

    Dartingtons, for sale on Ebay... brand new £180, I wonder if Robin is aware of these?..:eek:
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    Uniting & Feeding for winter

    Just remember to squish one of the queens?
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    14x12 frames. Is it enough?

    :iagree: 1st year newbee running a Dartington, I got a copy of Robin's book which recommends overwintering on 9 - 10 frames of 14"x12"
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    Anyone know what this is?

    You know what you may be right, found this one on your link
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    Anyone know what this is?

    Saw a fly hanging around outside the entrance to the hive. It was large and furry, thought it was a bumble bee at first but it was def a fly, it was big, about twice the size of a honey bee, had white furry patches on either side and a touch of red on its thorax. I had a search on line and...
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    Strenthaning a weak hive

    How about re-combining with the original nuc?
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    Blowtorch for uncapping?

    Found the link to the You Tube snippet.
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    Microscope spec

    How about second hand equipment? there are a few of these companies about, looks like they are significantly cheaper? hope its of use :)
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    Well I did it!!

    Thank you for the kind words all, Have been looking forward to this for a while :)....well Raceyboy and beeatshellards, you are right, I am in the process of ordering up the ply for the next one, don't know quite where its gonna go yet, but hey, I'll sort it out once its built. lol
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    Well I did it!!

    I have been on this forum for a while now, reading and absorbing the advice on all aspects of bee keeping, and trying to make the decisions of hives, management, etc., so that if I decided to actually take the next step and get some bee's at least I would have a considered way forward. So...
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    Lots of dead bees

    Where the bee's whole? if they were could have been a Japanese Hornet attack? I think you have them now in France?
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    Bit of Rain Helps.

    I think that is poppy, they are in bloom at the moment and whist inspecting hives with my mentor, I also asked the same question.
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    Swiss bee house ?

    "Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator" errr is this my end?
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    Aggressive Bee Song

    Clever :)
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    Heating?? Found this artical conserning background heating in hives using trace heating tape to avoid hive collapse due to low temperatures or excess condensation. Being a complete beginner I was wondering if there is any merit in this, or a...
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    Thanks for the comments guys. Money (for a change) is not the issue, nor the complexity of construction of the hive (I do a bit of woodwork now and then, lol), nor is the production of honey (although it would be nice) so I guess the reasons for beekeeping are pollination of fruit trees (don't...
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    I have been interested in bees for a long time but not had the space (or time that matter) to do anything about it. That time has now changed and I am now keen to get a hive running. I am a complete novis, I am taking a 10 week beekeeping course in May but at the moment don't have any bees :(...