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    Video cameras for bee blogging

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a fairly idiot-proof video camera that can give good results capturing bees close up as well as possibly recording flying bees in slo-mo mode like my iPhone?
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    Anyone to help a school near Overton?

    Hi all, The BBKA has been approached by a primary school near Overton in Hampshire looking for local experienced beekeepers to assist in creating and maintaining a new apiary at the school. The teachers are enthusiastic and want to learn beekeeping but don't have any experience themselves. If...
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    IMYB, BBC Countryfile and Radio 4

    This weekend's International Meeting of Young Beekeepers (IMYB) was held for the 1st time in the UK at Marlborough College. 19 countries from as far away as India and Russia sent teams of 12-15 yr old beeks to this prestigious event organised by Ruth & Ian Homer backed by a great team of...
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    IMYB, BBC Countryfile and Radio 4

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    Beekeeping schools

    The BBKA trustees are keen to encourage and support those schools interested in keeping Honey bees within their grounds. As part of this we would love to hear from anyone either currently supporting a local school in this way. At this stage we simply want to put together a list of schools and...
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    Beekeeping schools

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    Beedefender Alliance

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    Securing association web sites

    Hi all, If there are any webmasters out there running association web sites with member areas protected by passwords (inc possibly this one?) you will need to seriously consider converting your site to be secured with HTTPS very soon. Google and Firefox have announced that upcoming versions of...
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    How much gathered honey?

    I read in various places that a single worker collects less than a teaspoon in her lifetime. So I'm sitting here revising for Modules 2 and 5 thinking about this when I read that a bees honey crop can hold about 0.4g of honey. If a worker forages say every day of her three weeks on the wing...
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    Bee Sauna - From Germany

    Every now and again I do a Google search to find any new developments on Varroa treatments. Germany takes beekeeping seriously and there is a lot of interesting research coming through including something called the Bienen Sauna (Bee Sauna) (in German, but Google...
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    Pictures of Crambe...

    Looking for a field of Crambe Abyssinia and also Echium vulgare (vipers bugloss) that we can photograph in flower - can anyone help us please?
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    Int Meeting of Young Beekeepers

    Young English Beekeepers under 16 wanted by BBKA to apply to join team going to the 2014 International Meeting of Young Beekeepers in Poland this June - all expenses paid and a chance to meet other young beekeepers from many other countries. It's the experience of a lifetime for any young beek...
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    How to manage BKA Membership online?

    Hi all, Our local BKA continues to grow and is close to breaking the 200 mark. Collecting membership subs and maintaining personal records is a chore so last year we started using Web Collect an online membership service. However, it's a nightmare to use in practice and is tying us in knots...
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    Just add Bees - Just say no!

    One of my colleagues at Fleet Beekeepers sent me this today - Apparently CostCo are selling these "Natural beekeeping" kits for £300 with the slogan "Just add bees"...
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    Creating beeswax pellets

    Hello all, I've had a request to provide beeswax in pelleted form. Has anyone else out there already done this? Is it possible to use the sort of pelleting machines used to create wood pellets for wood burners? Thanks in advance
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    British Beekeeping on ITV1's Countrywise 9th Sept

    Hi all, A feature on the current state of British Beekeeping will be broadcast on ITV1's Countrywise programme going out on the evening of the 9th September. Very proud as they chose to interview my daughter on her view of beekeeping as a teenager... Also talking to Ian Homer and Rob Field...
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    2013 International Meeting of Young Beekeepers

    Hi all, Later this month, teams of young beekeepers from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales will be going to Muenster in Germany to join delegates from 30 plus other countries from every continent on the planet at the 2013 International Meeting of Young Beekeepers. Teenagers from as far...
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    It's going to be windy tomorrow!

    Met office issuing weather warning for SE England on Thursday 9th May with winds of up to 50mph predicted - Strap down those hives!:willy_nilly:
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    Source of long cuff nitrile gloves?

    Anyone know where we can source 250-300mm long cuff nitrile gloves x100 please? There are various sites on eBay etc, but I can't find long cuff gloves... Thanks Simon
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    Last call for English IMYB candidates!

    Hi all, On Saturday the 27th April at the BBKA HQ in Stoneleigh we are having a selection day to choose the English team of under 16's going to the 2013 International Meeting of Young Beekeepers which will be in Muenster, north Germany in June. If anyone knows any keen young English beek's who...