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    DIY solar wax extractor

    I intend to make a DIY solar wax extractor and already have a piece of 16mm twin wall polybarbonate plactic, will this be as good or even a better alternative to glass for the lid? any advice appreciated. Regards Rich.
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    Applied apiguard

    I applied apiguard to my two nation hives on Thursday, one brood and a half & one brood only. The brood only also has a newly hatched queen and is now covered with bees on the front of side of the hive is this the result of the apigaurd? The brood and a half all appears o.k. Before applying...
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    Queenless colony

    I have a Queenless colony, a very small Queen that has stopped laying, no eggs, larve.. I intend to kill the non laying Queen & put a frame with eggs from my other colony but due to a holiday I will not be able to do another inspection for 12 days. If more than one queen cell is produced will...
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    Bees behaviour??

    Can anybody explain why my two colonies become very active for about an hour most afternoons between 3pm to 4pm, the number of bee in the air and around the hive increases 10 fold, flying around the hives, flying around up to 10-20 foot in the air & become very noisey. Only to gradually calm and...
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    swarmed yesterday what to do next?

    I'm a new beekeeper this is my first season.... I had discovered a Q cell sealed on Friday last which I removed to gain some time as I was going in hospital but my colony swarmed yesterday while I was still in hospital. I'm home now and there is no sign of the swamed bees but bees coming and...
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    Second hive to attract a swarm

    I have two nationals and only one colony which I have only had for a month, as this is my first season. Bees very active bringing in pollen ect. If I place a second hive with new wax and lemon grass oil to attract a swarm will this have any undesirable affects on my existing colony? the hives...
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    Warm way or cold way??

    Warm way or cold way which is best and why? I'm a newby so opinions of the more experienced would be helpful Regards Richard.
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    How much feed

    I am a new startrer, just got my first colony last Sunday... a nation brood box with 11 frames. To give more space I intend to add a half brood with new foundation, how much feed will they need as I understand to draw out new foundation they will use a lot of their stores. I am thinking of 1...
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    Which Feeder

    Hello All I'm a newbee due to get my first colony at the end of March 5 or 6 frames in national Brood box. I have been advised that they may need some spring feeding, which would be the best type of feeder to get? Contact, rapid or ?? any advice appriceated. Richard.
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    Metal roof cover

    I have a standard galvanised Metal roof cover that I intend to fit on a roof I have made. How do other forum members seal the corners? as these have cuts in them from manufacture, Can I try and solder galvanised tin ? any susgestions welcome. Regards Richie Dug
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    Hive construction

    I am new to beekeeping and am in the process on making two national hives for next season, I have just completed making one super using 18mm exterior plywood and soft wood for the rails....I have jointed these and using hand I wasting my time with the joints (this took a long time)...
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    Floor dimensions with Top bee space (national)

    Please can anyone advise on the Floor dimensions (national) with Top bee space. With Bottom bee space the floor to the bottom of the brood box is 22mm. Does this 22mm need changing for Top bee space? I intend to build a hive with Top bee space....any advice would be appreciated. Kind...