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    Video cameras for bee blogging

    Hello, Can anyone recommend a fairly idiot-proof video camera that can give good results capturing bees close up as well as possibly recording flying bees in slo-mo mode like my iPhone?
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    Charity status for local beekeeping associations

    A number of associations have already moved to CIO status. Manchester BKA comes to mind immediately as an early adopter. The BBKA wants to move to this status primarily so that we can enter into commercial agreements and employ staff etc. We have gone through a recent procurement with several...
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    BBKA ADM Propositions

    Just a small point. All legitimate propositions put forward by member Associations (including the suggestion of banning imports) have to be discussed at the BBKA's Annual Delegates meeting and voted on. The BBKA executive can also raise propositions like the proposed move to a CIO and they also...
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    Anyone to help a school near Overton?

    An update... We are putting together a small team of local volunteer beekeepers willing to help advise the school on setting up and running the apiary - including holidays. I do wish there was a more positive view on introducing young people to beekeeping - it's clear that some on this board...
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    Anyone to help a school near Overton?

    Hi all, The BBKA has been approached by a primary school near Overton in Hampshire looking for local experienced beekeepers to assist in creating and maintaining a new apiary at the school. The teachers are enthusiastic and want to learn beekeeping but don't have any experience themselves. If...
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    condensation in the poly hive

    Condensation happens when warm wet air meets a cold surface. So what is the cold surface? In my poly hives, the clear plastic cover is directly under the roof which is directly over the super. In your case you appear to have a relatively big empty space above the warm bees (your undrawn and...
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    IMYB, BBC Countryfile and Radio 4

    This weekend's International Meeting of Young Beekeepers (IMYB) was held for the 1st time in the UK at Marlborough College. 19 countries from as far away as India and Russia sent teams of 12-15 yr old beeks to this prestigious event organised by Ruth & Ian Homer backed by a great team of...
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    IMYB, BBC Countryfile and Radio 4

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    poly hives

    Modern Beekeeping sell Paradise hives (Jumbo Langstroth = Dadant) or you might find some Swienty hives, but I'm not sure who sells them in the UK.
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    Meon Valley Beekeeping Auction Sat 6 May

    Have you contacted the organisers re the fleece? If not I can ask on your behalf.
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    Tom Seeley - Darwinian Beekeeping

    Does anyone else get the irony of a clearly expert scientist talking about bee behaviour and "natural beekeeping" having done the vast majority of his studies on a invasive species (European Honey bee) in an alien environment they should never have been in the first place (North America)?
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    maximum protection suit

    I'm in the same position as you but have finished my 3 year de-sensitisation course. I treated myself to a made to measure suit from Sherrif's and had some custome additions such as a hood with ear protection and a rigid front so there is no chance of the bees getting to my head or face. I've...
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    floral file??

    Dale at Bermondsey Street Bees has a number of downloadable lists for different types of gardens on their website.
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    Beekeeping schools

    Thanks very much.
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    Beekeeping schools

    The BBKA trustees are keen to encourage and support those schools interested in keeping Honey bees within their grounds. As part of this we would love to hear from anyone either currently supporting a local school in this way. At this stage we simply want to put together a list of schools and...
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    Beekeeping schools

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    plastic or metal QE?

    Wire QE's are best I'd just like to add my vote for the wire based QE's. I have poly hives that "fit" together and are normally supplied with horrid plastic QE's that flex and get stuck down onto the frames below. These hives have no room for wood framed QE's, but you can get non-framed...
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    Should the BBKA challenge the Government over the licenced monopoly of the supply and use of Oxalic Acid by beekeepers in the fight against Varroa?

    It's very early days, and I can make no promises, but we are looking into this to see if it might be feasible to approach the VMD with a proposal to make generic Oxalic acid an acceptable treatment for Varroa in Honeybee colonies.
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    Hurrah for Thorne's - they still sell generic oxalic acid crystals!

    We at the BBKA can only act where we have solid advice. Anyone out there that seems to know about this? - If so can you contact me so that we can begin to progress this please...