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    Another sting question

    I was told at the end of last year that if you apply honey to the sting it helps, I have not been stung this season but will give it a try when the time comes. Had some bad reaction to stings on my chin and arm last year. Have any other forum members ever tried honey on a sting? Regards Richard.
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    DIY solar wax extractor

    I intend to make a DIY solar wax extractor and already have a piece of 16mm twin wall polybarbonate plactic, will this be as good or even a better alternative to glass for the lid? any advice appreciated. Regards Rich.
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    Rebate with router table

    Six footer I make all my own national hives and use a router mounted in a table for the rrebates in the rails , I buy all my cutters from tool staion which are very good value. There is lots of advice on the use of routers on U TUBE which I found invaluble. Make all of your own hives ect is...
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    Weather proofing a ply hive

    I have plywood hives and all are painted with sadolin classic, which comes in a green tin from paint mechants, do not use the sadolin classic comes in a yellow tin from DIY stores. I checked with Sadolin technical helpdesk and sadolin classic breathes. Richie.
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    Under or Over?

    Thanks Beeline that is what I wanted to know, I shall do the swap in the next week putting the supper below and then swap back during the first spring inspection next year. This is my first year so I'm still learning. Thanks again.
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    Under or Over?

    When would those who put the super below the BB do the change? as I'm still feeding with the super on top?
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    Applied apiguard

    Nose Ma Thanks for the reply, this makes sense as it has warmed up today.
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    Applied apiguard

    I put in apiguard in the FAQ and the search returned nil.
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    Applied apiguard

    I applied apiguard to my two nation hives on Thursday, one brood and a half & one brood only. The brood only also has a newly hatched queen and is now covered with bees on the front of side of the hive is this the result of the apigaurd? The brood and a half all appears o.k. Before applying...
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    Queenless colony

    I have a Queenless colony, a very small Queen that has stopped laying, no eggs, larve.. I intend to kill the non laying Queen & put a frame with eggs from my other colony but due to a holiday I will not be able to do another inspection for 12 days. If more than one queen cell is produced will...
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    Bees behaviour??

    It makes sense now, thanks. I'm learning all the time . Richie
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    Bees behaviour??

    No partially shaded by hedge and trees
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    Bees behaviour??

    Can anybody explain why my two colonies become very active for about an hour most afternoons between 3pm to 4pm, the number of bee in the air and around the hive increases 10 fold, flying around the hives, flying around up to 10-20 foot in the air & become very noisey. Only to gradually calm and...
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    swarmed yesterday what to do next?

    Just done an inspection on both of my two hives after a long wait while Q cell hatched & can only see larva at various stages but no eggs. Do queens stop laying for short periods ?
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    Thanks to all Experienced Members

    This is my first year as a beekeeper and I have found this site invaluble....long may it continue.....hopefully one day I will be able to offer advice to others. Thanks to all who make this site what it is.
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    Is it always the case that swarm Queen cells are dimpled and supercedure Queen cells are smooth?
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    Stings and Arthritis / rheumatism

    Stings from Stinging nettles are most certainly have an anti-inflamatory affect on joints and tendons. tennis elbow RSI pains etc. Richard
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    swarmed yesterday what to do next?

    Thanks to you all, I will let you know the out come Regards Richard
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    swarmed yesterday what to do next?

    Adam Would I also need to feed some syrup to the NUC? Regards Richard
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    swarmed yesterday what to do next?

    Adam Thanks for the advice, if I create a NUC as insurance do I block the entrance for 24 hours with some grass?