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    Do bees realy gorge on honey when smoked?

    I think that the smoke masks the attack pheromone. That’s the most logical explanation. That’s why a quick puff of smoke in the entrance is useful before opening up, it probably confuses the guard bees. As Curly green fingers has said, also good for moving the bees away from the tops of the...
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    Hi Wilco, I am going to give him some practical experience and perhaps as PeeBee suggests, allocate him a hive to look after. I was wondering about some background theory lessons. I think that locally the classes are full. Something on line or on YouTube perhaps? I was also thinking that...
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    Hi folks, could anyone suggest a good online course for a 14-year old. He will be doing beekeeping towards his Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Thanks in advance.
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    What caused my colonies to fail?

    Hi Dave, I agree with elainemary. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep going. Don’t get discouraged. Small colonies don’t always survive. As others have said combining them increases their chances. You’ll do better this year.
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    "Survivor bees" found in Blenheim Forest

    Hi folks, Yesterday I got an email from GiffGaff (mobile phone provider) spreading the myth about the Blenheim bees. I have replied to them telling them it’s a fairy story. It just shows that “a good lie goes round the world before the truth gets out of bed”
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    Revolting beefarmers

    I was just going to post this, but you beat me to it! I saw it on SKY news.
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    Strange drop after oxalic vap

    Agree with you Michael. Strong resemblance to wax moth droppings.
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    Hi folks, I noticed an ad on EBay offering an apiary site in Surrey. It seems to be close to Leatherhead. Could be useful to somebody on this site. They are not auctioning it. It will be available on normal 1 pot per hive terms apparently. EBay item number 185213484242
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    It's beginning to look a lot like .. April.

    I trickled oxalic in Hammersmith on Sunday and saw a drone. It may have been just chucked out of the hive but it’s a bit late in the year for drones.
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    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    More plans on the website Mesh for the floor can be bought on EBay btw.
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    Bald brood

    I was inspected by our SBI over a month ago. He was looking for sacbrood or foulbrood of which I had neither. There was some baldbrood, however, which he said was due to high varroa levels. There was varroa, which I have since treated with Apivar, but no sign of wax moth.
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    "Survivor bees" found in Blenheim Forest

    I just looked at the article on the Blenheim website. If you look at the photo of the guy making the “natural hives” you can see some normal supers in the top left hand corner. They must have some managed beehives on site, so much for their assertion of the genetic purity of their local bees.
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    Asian Hornet nest discovered in Portsmouth

    I think that it is most likely to have hitched a ride on Brittany Ferries from St Malo. I killed this one in my friend’s mobile home in Dinard, which is 20mins from the ferry. I didn’t realise what it was until I looked at it closely. This was a couple of years ago.
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    Bees Wanted Nuc wanted

    Hi Ely, I’m going to try to send you a pm.
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    Wanted: Beehaus

    Hi Nell, give the beehaus a go. I have been happy with mine. Like you I’ve got more than one type of hive, but all 14x12. There are advantages and disadvantages to all types of hive. Like cars, people who like one particular model or brand will tell you that their choice is the best.
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    walkaway splits are they good for swarm prevention/

    Well, after doing Pagden last year, I did two nucleus method (walkaway) splits this year and one of the original hives has already made a super of honey. So the method does work. The second hive murdered my new buckfast Queen, preferring to make their own emergency queen cells.
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    Hi from a wannabe newbie in Bolton

    Hi hoggj2000, if you look at you will find that there are measurements and diagrams for making the various hive parts. If you have some basic tools you can make your own hive. Some friends of mine actually made their hive from wood taken from an old pallet, so it doesn’t...
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    Honeybees In Wall

    Hi RelicTech, for filling holes, even quite large ones, try expanding builders’ foam. It comes in a sort of aerosol can. A quick and permanent fix.
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    Bees Annoying Neighbours

    Hi Malcolm, The plastic netting may not be a good idea as there is a good chance it will affect the boiler combustion. There has to be free air flow around a boiler terminal. Putting fine mesh around the terminal could actually be illegal. If the boiler is not a condensing boiler the flue gas...
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    Behaviour Change

    Well the temperature at the time of inspection was 15C. It was sunny and plenty of pollen was being brought in. My Haynes BEE MANUAL says in the beekeeping year section pg 156 that you can inspect in March on a warm day.