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    What weight of sugar do you need to feed a typical colony.

    Meh. You might be right. However most of the winter bees will be in the cells by now and some will have emerged. Many colonies go broodless in October so laying must be slowing/stopping around now (possibly because they have been over fed ;). ) We are talking advice to an possibly...
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    What weight of sugar do you need to feed a typical colony.

    So if you are inexperienced then keep it simple. Not wishing to speak for RAB but basically feed them till they will take no more.(a la Ted Hooper) is good advice for inexperienced beekeepers. You can do more complicated things involving going through the hives calculating what stores they...
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    All the gear…..

    I have one of these . Perfectly nice poly nuc. What I haven't worked out is , when running as two x 3 frame nucs - when you move one side on to a 6 frame nuc (or dummied hive) - how do you get all the bees out without completely bashing about the other 3 frame nuc?
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    honey at 20% water

    Just be careful when remeasuring that the honey is thoroughly mixed and you are not just taking a sample from the surface.
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    Thanks for this - I am moving rapidly towards the position of scrapping everything wooden. Unfortunately it is a shared space and not ours. I have however in the fallout had permission to erect our own storage so that is a step in the right direction and the new shed will be locked with only...
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    Thanks all for your very helpful replies. I think my policy is going to be - if in doubt - chuck it out. I think anything wood that is going to be in direct contact with the bees will have to go, . The biggy is the supers I'm pretty sure no dust will have got in and I can't bring myself to...
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    Hi Does anyone in our community know how to clean kit contaminated with this insecticide? I look after a small club apiary and have use of a shared container to store our kit. There were a few wasps in the container as it is not insect tight. Someone - as yet not known who - has set off two...
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    Got bees and a son now!

    It is God's country but he likes it cold.
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    New member

    Welcome and good luck - Airedale beekeepers would be your local association I guess. I like "Cobbydale" - It has at least one really fine pub - the Kings Arms - though last time I was there the landlord was trying to sell up.
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    Painting a bee hive

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    We are saved!!

    I'm sure if they are correctly positioned on an intersection of ley lines, their effect will be enhanced dramatically.
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    12 oz round honey jars

    Dani I just got some 12oz round jars from wynne jones - good price - great service as usual but the jars are very big. Put 12oz of honey in it and it looks very mean - big gap at top. Has this been your experience?
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    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Thanks Swarm. Lovely smell it was. I shall keep an nose out for it next year.
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    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Bluebells So bluebells. Not, I realise, usually rated as a great source of forage for our bees but the last couple of days when taking a walk alongside a nearby bluebell wood I have noticed a really clear hyacinth perfume. Again, I know bluebells are a wild hyacinth but I have walked in...
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    Question: What beekeeping vehicle would you advise for £2,500?

    If I could persuade the missus, I would go for a small van - split back door (ie one big and one small) with a sliding side door. Your can fit it out to your requirements for all those bits and bobs. Not sexy but very functional esp if you don't need 4WD
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    Electric geek

    Same mobile provider for 42 years!!! You were an early adopter!! Re changing insurer every year. Fine for Contents. Buildings worth considering that an insurer might decline or 'adjust' or wriggle a bit and delay things a claim if it deems the problem started before their cover did...
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    Abandoned hive

    Also check for disease while following Phil's advice - particularly varroa if if hasn't been looked at for a year or more.
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    Combining Colonies

    Just make sure the queenless one is healthy before combining. A
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    I think the correct expression finishes 'and if he doesn't, why humiliate him?'. Just saying.
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    Honey Labelling.

    Hi PH - may be what you were told years ago - I don't dispute that but this is a quote from the site - as mentioned by I think BF before. Using the minimum weight system (the alternative is the average weight system) "You can pack your products so that they contain at least the...