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    Fermented Honey

    Yes I have done this - had 20+ jars ferment two years ago most annoying. However tasted fine fermented and heated.
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    Extraction - time to go Electric....

    We bought a konigin 9 frame electric plus the frames for extracting brood frames. It’s brilliant saves so much time and as said above gets much more honey out including osr!
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    Winter Prep

    They are mostly brood and a half which go through winter as such. I meant uncapped part filled with nectar. I have tried to keep them in airtight boxes before but they have fermented so can’t be put back in the spring.
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    Winter Prep

    What is the best thing to do with part filled supers.
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    Bee stings

    I had been stung several occasions on hands resulting in my arm swelling but one sting on my face through veil resulted in 6 hours in A&E with a severe reaction (not anaphylaxis thank goodness) Have been undergoing immunotherapy for 18 months plus which is definitely helping. They told me the...
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    What has happened to this honey?

    Thanks everyone I think some fermentation has definitely taken place. Very strange because it’s only those jars all the others were ok -as were my bee buddy’s 😬. Never mind it tastes fine so will wade through it eventually!!🐝🐝
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    What has happened to this honey?

    Thank you for your replies. I should have said the runny honey was in the bottom of the box! The honey in the jars looks like it’s been whipped/expanded and is now touching the lids. A friend said it may have had unripened honey in frames and I’m now left with bakers honey🤔 The runny honey in...
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    What has happened to this honey?

    Hi does anyone know what has happened? This is honey from last year and has been kept in a cool bedroom. Have just taken it out and there is a cm plus of clear honey in the bottom. Two layers covered in honey. It looks like the honeys split in the jars virtually white in colour. Tastes fine if...