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    Hive staples

    Apologies but had no reaction from this enquiry in the Beekeeping items wanted thread, but does anyone know where I can still buy the hive staples with a rectangular cross section (not the chubby circular section ones in certain catalogues)? horneTs used to sell them, but at Beetradex , their...
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    Buttercup honey?

    Anyone getting a dark honey with ranunculus Pollen?
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    Anybody know their pollens?

    I had a late super of honey, put on in September, taken off in early October, that had enough ivy in the mix to set solid and fine-grained and to have THAT taste and smell. Surprisingly our local BKA microscopist found a dominance of a pollen that wasn't ivy. His books didn't have a picture of...
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    Exotic Plant ID

    This plant has turned up in a friend's garden for the second year running; dies back in winter, fruit segmented like a blackberry, and held on pink panicle (most missing from this specimen). Photo taken in a sink with bar of soap for scale. Plant height at the moment 100cm. Location 1 mile from...
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    Brexitthemovie, on YouTube

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    Farmers sowing more spring crops after wet autumn

    I've noticed many fields near my apiary that are normally ankle-high in cereal crops are only now being cultivated and drilled. Too late for cereal crops, so more acres of spring sown rape, field beans and flax are in prospect. From t'internet searches this phenomenon is widespread this year so...
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    Update on the Ling heather

    Anyone know whether the ling is in flower on the South Wales moorlands yet?
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    Off to the Heather

    As there has been plenty of moisture up on the heather moors this summer, I'm planning to take my bees again to the Abergavenny area. A question for locals in that area - has the wet summer delayed heather flowering? Or are the moors just coming into flower now (a bit early?) brought on by the...