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    Many swarms happening?

    Hi guys and gals. Currently out of the country so just wondering if there are many swarms so far this season? I have left me bees in the capable hands of a family member and have yet to speak to them regarding the weather etc so hope thinks aren't too mad there!? Hope all is well in the land...
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    Help needed making split please....

    Hello all. I'm gonna make a split of a colony who have been very busy here in the UK so far this spring. They're spread out over two brood boxes and a super (work and weather has meant I've been late sorting them) and I have an un marked queen. As for normal splits I believe I would find the...
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    Year long loan of bees

    Hi all. I'm looking at taking a year out and seeing a bit of the world in April/May and thus looking to loan my bees out for a year or so. I currently have 4 colonies (winter dependant of course) which are in WBC's. There will be around 2 supers supplied with each hive and I'm just wondering...
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    What do you strain your honey through?

    Hi all. I've finally got round to extracting my honey and after around a day and a half of straining very little has found its way through the muslin cloth. Is this to fine a cloth for straining? What do you guys and gals use? Rob.
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    Granulated sugar in supers

    Hello all. Have just been carrying out my first proper harvest ever and although I thought I had already done so earlier in the year quite a few of my frames had granulated honey in them. It is quite possibly rape and the runny honey is now straining but I'm wondering what to do with that...
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    Over winetring now?

    Hi all. In my second year as a beek and have 4 colonies on the go. Three of these are well established and I took what supers off I could for harvesting over the weekend. As I'm on WBC's I have placed the supers below the brood boxes in preperation for over wintering but with the Balsam...
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    Brood and a half question.

    Hi all. As a newcomer to the bee keeping world (second year) I currently have 4 WBC's. Due to the nature of having 10 frames in the brood box and a strain that have been expanding very quickly indeed I'm looking at increasing to brood and a half next season. My query is that my super has...