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    The wonder of weeds

    Well worth a look BBC iPlayer The Wonder Of Weeds
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    The wonder of weeds

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    Bee Disease Recognition Workshop

    Hi All, Maybe a little late for some......? Adjacent BKA's advised but just incase you missed notification, Gwent are holding there's at Goytre Village Hall 2pm 11th July. Drop in it's a free event, plenty of cake, tea, etc , oh and all the bee stuff. Thanks to APHA, BDI and volunteers. Hope...
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    Ambrosia fondant packaging problem

    Hi Guys, Anyone else have weeping fondant?:hairpull: 8 x 2.5kg packs leaking so far, off to check association stock! Russ
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    BBC Radio 4 The Life Scientific

    Anyone catch Dave Coulson talking on The Life Scientific this morning? Podcast here, prog details Here "Professor Dave Goulson has been obsessed with animals since he was a child. He collected all kinds of creatures and went as far as doing home made taxidermy. He's now Professor of...
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    BBC Radio 4 The Life Scientific

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    Prof. Adam Hart Radio 4 Midweek 21.30 9 th July

    Hi All, Midweek program, was on this morning 9am but repeated 9.30 tonight Midweek On iPlayer too "Adam Hart is professor of science communication at the University of Gloucestershire. He is the resident bee expert for BBC Two's series Hive Alive which explores the secret world of the honey...
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    Anyone experienced this?

    Hi All, Whilst preparing one of our honey crops for jarring, I thought I'd check what it tasted like, as you do. Yummy but the after effect was like I'd just used mouthwash or sucked strepsils; not the taste but a slight numbing of mouth and tongue. May be just me but what could possibly it in...
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    Friends of the earth at it again?

    I'm sure it's well intention but the synical side of me thinks otherwise: - bandwagon up our funds. Just wounder how much is actually going towards saving "our " bees? FOE bee cause map Maybe BBKA's marketing bods should take a few leaves from the FOE's book?
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    Heads up. Aldi ass vacs back!

    For those interested in a swarm vac, Aldi will be selling their Ash Vac 5th Sept £17.99 Sorry about title!
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    Have I broken Ebay?

    Anyone else having problems with ebay, can't seem to access anything via firefox although can get a bit further with safari then stops?
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    BBC 1 Wales 6.30pm 03.07.13 bee rustling news item

    Hi All, "Bee rustling" item scheduled for tonight on BBC1 Wales news @ 6.30pm. If you have Sky etc you can pick it up in the 900 channels iirc. Sorry no more info. Due to tennis coverage it may be on BBC2 Wales Today. Russ
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    Beekeeping info Leaflet resource?

    There are several resources where I can download beekeeping related leaflets but they only appear to print out to A5. I can't rotate them so maybe it's me? Does any know of any that I can print out full A4 "takeaway menu "style please? Intended to give out at events etc. Ta Russ
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    BBKA's new look website

    Presumably they listened to the complaints but does anyone else find it more annoying to navigate than before? BBKA
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    Radio Wales: Eye on Wales. Today & Weds 5.30

    Felicity speaks to beekeepers and experts across Wales to hear their theories as to why bees are becoming scarcer. On iPlayer soon! [URL=""]Radio Wales[/URL (Ignore the "And & But" starts to sentences.) " Plan Bee Pretty much everyone agrees that bees...
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    Radio 4. Costing the Earth. 15.30 07.05.'13 " Bees fight back"

    Hi Me again with Radio 4 stuff, BTW Book of the week " A sting in the tale' episode 1 & 2 on iplayer. "Much heat has been generated about about modern pesticides called neonicotinoids. Their supporters - the companies which make them, the farmers who use them and the Department for...
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    BBC R4 Book of the week. "A Sting in the Tale." About bumble bees but still relevant me thinks?

    Although this is about bumblebee decline and conservation, it is still a good listen and relevant to some of the problems we face! From Radio 4 "Dave Goulson has always been obsessed with wildlife, from his childhood menagerie of exotic pets and dabbling in experimental taxidermy to his...
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    Are my bees making cornflakes?

    Hi All, Finally managed to check our Woodland Trust apiary, all okay with BAAS with very few drone broad. 4 full + 2 nucs. However found this in the strongest colony but not in any of the others, between broad and a half as if they were sealing the bottom of the broad nest, not come across it...
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    Farming Today Radio 4. 25.04.13