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    Plant identification

    Help! I've been visiting the beautiful Port Marine in Portishead and there's big bushes of these plants all over the marina, covered in bees. Can anyone tell me what it is?
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    MAQ strip dosage

    At our apiary meeting yesterday we discussed hive treatments and a few people said that the dosage for MAQ strips has been reduced to one strip per hive. Has anyone else heard this? I've googled that question and could not find any reference to this. When one of us questioned why this was the...
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    This has to be a first - there's a swarm for sale on Ebay. Search 'bee keeping' and it's item 3.
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    For German speakers

    It seems we beekeepers (Imker) are trendy!
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    The ONS have added honey to the basket of goods used to measure inflation in the UK. This is a signal that consumers buying habits have changed - a good sign for us!
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    Beetradex -anyone going?