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    Looks like panic buying is the new national sport

    Try to fit " Artisan beekeeper" in there somewhere.
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    Interesting bee facts for kids

    Tesco produced a whole host of these under their Farm to Fork. If any use but you can't find them pm me as we have them archived.
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    Local Associations not aligned with BBKA

    Not to mention their forefathers: saxons,french(normans)vikings and "romans"
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    AFB and saving a queen.

    Hi Keith, No expert but extremly high, she gets all over the place so will come into contact with the spores that cause American Foalbroad, also those spores can lay dormant for decades hence the burn/scorch equipment policy in the UK. The beekeeper is one of the main transmitters of the disease.
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    Looking for Western Red Cedar timber.

    :iagree: They are very accommadating, reasonable priced and on my doorstep.
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    Epipen site
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    Most of our events are open door, I normally inform Peter B to circulate to your members.
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    The wonder of weeds

    Well worth a look BBC iPlayer The Wonder Of Weeds
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    The wonder of weeds

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    On the to do list. The association is arranging for one their staff to come and give talk. Bit of a wake up call for them. Yes I did.
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    Nuff said:(
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    As one who carries two epipens, they can be equally dangerous if administered incorrectly: they could kill as well as save a life; hence why they don't give them out willy nilly. My anaphylactic reation was a gradual but hardly noticeable reaction: slight weezing. Then after an association stung...
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    BBC - Queen of The Savannah

    Bit OT but the Monarch butterfly migration is another example. They travel 2500mls, 4 generations during trip and use the same nest sites the following year???? First shown in 2012 appears to have taken BBKA 3 yrs to mention the bee crop defence in latest mag.;) More from B'b Here
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    hive making

    Dave Cushman's or Scottish Beekeepers sites are good starting points.
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    bbc inside out south west

    This maybe of interest David Hellman video on facebook
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    bbc inside out south west

    You need to hide your ip address. Software online. It may find its way onto utube shortly? Russ
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    How do bees fight?

    Hi Kazmcc, IIRC down to the thickness and type of "skin"/material being stung. Most/all(?) insects have a thin outer whereas we/mammals etc have a thick outer layer, either skin or suit, which traps the barb. The stinger is harder/stronger than "skin" and the soft tissue it's attached to the HB...
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    How do bees fight?

    Possibly drone eviction. Think you'll find that HB's do not die if they sting other insects?
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    Rotten Hive

    As the hive is in such poor condition, are the frames the same? Take empty frames, elastic bands etc, you may have to traet as a "cut out"
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    Honey & Pollen Workshop

    Yes open house, however the SGM, the boring bit, is to ratify our new constitution and hopefully done and dusted quickly. Usually attendance is 30 to 50 so plenty of spare capacity in the hall for friends. BTW all our meetings are open to "guests" ;) Russ