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    Grafting first queen cells of the season.

    Plenty of drones around already this spring, so looking good for an earlier start to queen rearing this year.
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    Royal Jelly Isn't What Makes a Queen Bee a Queen Bee.

    Not so sure this makes sense.
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    Varroa Does Not Feed on Hemolymph.

    A very interesting research presentation by Samuel Ramsey. Well worth listening to... questions and answers at the end are also interesting. The vast majority of mites on bees are under their belly feeding on fat body, which is broken down by enzymes, they are not classed as truly phoretic...
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    Two Unique opportunities for Cornish Beekeepers.

    1. September 26th 2018 Heligan declare themselves a Black Bee Reserve with Sir Tim Smit. 2. 2018 The University of Plymouth/B4 is aiming to take DNA samples of 300 Cornish Bee hives. Wednesday 26th September The Lost Gardens of Heligan are becoming a Native Bee Haven and we will hear from Sir...
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    Can of worms here.
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    Michael Palmer.

    Happy birthday, Mike, hope you have a good one.
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    Just seen on the news about the long waiting times in hospitals, nearly all hospitals, but in this case it was the Perth royal infirmary with waiting times being from four to twelve hours, went there myself about 45 years ago and there was no long waiting time at all back then, so much for...
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    More ways to tax motorists

    Don't think it is likely to cut congestion, more likely to increase the price of everything being hauled. They could also raise some more money by taxing bicycles and horses being ridden on public roads.
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    Eden project tickets now online.

    Eden project tickets now online The room is limited to only 400 and tickets will soon go! BIBBA members have already been informed. Even if you are not enthusiastic about Native bees... there is a lot here to inspire and...
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    Istrumental insemination, etc.

    A couple of NHS videos by Sue Cobey. Instrumental Insemination, the History, the Techniques and Future Possibilities One from last year...The New World Carnolian Project, Sue also...
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    Queen wasps.

    Does anyone know what would be the best bait to place in wasp traps to catch queen wasps in early spring.
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    Mobile phones and driving.

    Good to see the government are tightening up on these criminals that use hand held mobile phones while driving, more points on licenses and higher fines, automatic ban if a new driver... should be 12 months min automatic ban for all of the criminals caught using these things while driving...
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    B4 is raising £800 by crowdfunding.
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    Contaminated beeswax foundation sheets.

    You can never be sure. Also some interesting discussions elsewhere about the problem...
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    The first bell started to flower a few weeks ago, now the first of the ling is just starting to flower in a few places, quite early this year, hope it starts to secrete nectar before mid September, like it did here last year.
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    Queen wasps.

    Finding a lot of moribund queen wasps around this spring, usually up under the roofs or in the recesses of the national hives, are many others finding the same?
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    A new formulation of oxalic acid for Varroa.

    A new formulation of oxalic acid for Varroa destructor control applied in Apis mellifera colonies in the presence of brood
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    Happy birthday, Michael Palmer.

    Many happy returns, Michael.
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    Bad news for vegitarians.

    They are the most unhealthy sector of society.
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    Small head disease.

    This spreading disease looks to becoming a serious problem, think perhaps another Doctor William Gorgas is needed, to get a scheme up and running to control the Mosquitoes.