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    leave well alone

    Done an inspection yesterday and in one colony found a sealed queen cell. This was on the top of a frame in the middle,it was the only one I could find. Now last week there were a lot of dead bees out side of this hive.At the time I thought it might be robbing/poisoning.Could it have been a...
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    varoa high

    I took a sample of drone brood yesterday 100+ and I have what seems a high level of varoa with just about every third lava having them. Can anyone advise a treatment for this time of year.The is no supper on but there is brood & eggs. Thanks.
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    at last

    Hi to every one, I have been learning as much as i could,books local BKA and the forum last year so felt ready to take the plunge. At last i have a coloney installed in the garden (national) Looking forward to putting in to practice the theory and realy start to learn what bee keeping is all...