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  1. grangebees

    Nuc - April swarm

    Swarm established some weeks now. Lots of new bees and working well. Quiet bees sited within 2 ft of main house path and 10 ft from doors, no-one stung yet, including dog. WBC frames, but in little box which you can have. :) Worcester / Hereford borders 1 hr Birmingham 1 hr Oxford 1 1/2...
  2. grangebees

    New Beekeepers questions

    Hi Admin Just a thought - might it be an idea to have a sub-forum where total novices, or those contemplating beekeeping could ask questions of newish beekeepers without engaging the ire of those who have answered all those questions before. I am sure with a bit of input here and there from...
  3. grangebees

    I think my bees are about to swarm advice please

    Hello All - I am new to beekeeping. Someone kindly gave me a very old hive last year and in july a swarm took possession. I have read up as much as I can and have gone to a beekeeping weekend, but it is still difficult without experience I had checked the hive (from outside) this morning and...