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    Hive insulation

    Yes builders often don't have a clue and/or don't care about proper insulation, they just want to finish the job quickly and building inspectors don't see or bother about the detail of stopping drafts. I had/have this problem on my otherwise well-contructed house of only 20 years old. There is...
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    Really?? One in particular doesn't seem to understand simple physics that warmed air escaping from the ends of the flutes is far worse for thermal retention than trapping the air inside the walls, as the manufacturers state. Simple, just needs a bit of thought whuch seems lacking.
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    High mite count

    Doesn't make sense: if it's cooled off how can that allow the water to boil off?? There's negilgible possibility of decomposing into formic acid and even if it did it'd be a Varroa treatment.
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    High mite count

    The black residue is most likely iron oxide formed by reaction of the acid with the steel of the pan.
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    High mite count

    Yes only a couple of minutes per hive is needed. I wedge the hive tool under the crown board to make a small crack for a chimney effect and when the vapour starts coming out there it's done.
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    OA strips

    Even without PPE, the slightest whiff is enough to stop you breathing any more in.
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    Brood breaks and no eggs

    3 out of 5 of my colonies have brood breaks at present with young queens present, good weather and plenty of forage and lots of healthy bees. So I've vaped them.
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    Honey gate - Non drip?

    A good quality O ring should stay flexible for many years. They're used in plumbing joints for example, and in all sorts of industrial equipment.
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    Honey gate - Non drip?

    The valve should not leak if the hinge nut and the nut on the other side are tightened to compress the O ring slightly and the O ring is in good condition. Never have a problem with any of mine.
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    Uniting query.

    If you haven't seen the queen in the smaller colony, how do you know there is one? Seen eggs/lavae?
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    The truth behind fondants

    Whereas dis-respect is automatic it seems. Whatever the pros and cons of fondant, seems one moderator at least is far from "moderate" as usual, that I wonder how moderators are chosen here.
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    Honey price

    As a matter of interest, do you sell to callers at the door or do you have an honesty box?
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    Chocolate falls fondant

    59p/kg Tate and Lyle at Savers on the high street, as always.
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    How to reorganise supers?

    A month ago one hive was quickly filling a 4th super placed underneath the others, even though the top 3 were not capped and the top 2 only partially capped. Now the top 2 have become lighter while the bottom 2 are heaviest. Seems the bad weather made them eat stores at the top and now they may...
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    I'd like your labels, thanks, if you tell me what the postage is. Rob

    I'd like your labels, thanks, if you tell me what the postage is. Rob
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    Time to be ridiculed again

    Fewer aurorae and less intense, but that's not the weather. But that's how fake news starts.
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    Time to be ridiculed again

    Try to understand - low solar activity means few sunspots, not a drop in temperature, and certainly no effect on our weather.
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    Buy or make a bee escape?

    19mm wide battens will and should overlap the frames on the inside.
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    Buy or make a bee escape?

    That's correct, there should be a gap; what's the problem with that?
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    This is a video of me using a hot air gun for those interested!!

    I find that the molten wax collects in small globules around some of the cells so it's best to quickly follow by scratching with an uncapping fork to disperse these globules which would otherwise stop these cells from emptying properly.