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    I picked up a swarm about ten days ago and because I was going to move it on put it in a five frame Nuc it was fed sugar syrup and they seemed quite happy bringing in pollen etc. I opened the Nuc yesterday and they seemed OK drawing out the new foundation quite calm I needed no smoke but what I...
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    Wax moth treatment

    I am well aware of the effect Formic Acid has on the varroa mite but I wondered if anyone has any experience on its effect on Greater and Lesser Wax moth in an occupied hive. Also I doubt that trickling Oxalic Acid would have little effect but evaporation might. Does anyone have any experience...
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    Home made mating Nucs

    We reared a good good few colonies by introducing queen cells into 3 frame Nuc's last summer. But they were greedy for bees, brood and food as is well known. It is colonies rather than mated queens we require. I considered using Apidea but whilst they are economical on bees to get a mated queen...