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  1. enrico

    My bees think it's summer

    As per the title, working flat out bringing in loads of pollen and weights rising nicely! No more feeding for them!
  2. enrico

    Get your super back now

    Just a heads up to those of you who have ended up on a brood and a half and want to reduce to a single brood box. At the moment, or very soon, there will be no drone brood and the drones will be evicted. At this point you can put the half brood above a queen excluder. You MUST make sure that...
  3. enrico

    Honey to die for

    This year's honey is to die for. Clear as a bell with no sign of crystalising yet. A lovely golden colour. Wish I had a show to put it in!
  4. enrico

    Any one want some tamper labels? SOLD

    I bought these tamper proof labels years ago and have only used a dozen or so. They are yellow and green and don't go with my colour scheme. I think they are a roll of 500 but it may be more!!! If admin wants to change this to another heading then feel free. Just trying to recycle. £12 ONO and I...
  5. enrico

    This is a video of me using a hot air gun for those interested!!

    Never done this before so hope the link works!
  6. enrico

    Good tip for mouse gurads

    A good tip on this months bbka magazine. For an easy mouseguard use the metal corners that plasterers use. They are at right angles so they fit quite nicely under the brood box and down the front. Apparently the bees can get through the mesh easily. Let me know if anyone tried it!!! E
  7. enrico

    Honey/ water content

    What a peculiar year this has been. Second extraction, 17% at the bottom of the tank and 23% at the top. Had to keep testing every five jars until I got to the wet honey which will go back to the bees! I reckon it's because the nectar is coming in in fits and starts!
  8. enrico

    how to blind a bee

    Help..... I cant see where I am going!!!!
  9. enrico

    Honey in old brood comb not being capped

    Has anyone else noticed that if you use a super frame that has had brood in in the past that the bees don't seem to cap the cells that have honey in where the brood has been? Noticed it time and time again! E
  10. enrico

    First honey of the season

    Well I took my first honey off today. Three weeks later than last year. Interesting that I had fully capped ripe honey mixed with fresh nectar. I think their flow got interrupted by the weather. Only spun off the decent capped honey frames and ended up with 18% water content which is passable...
  11. enrico

    Updating with a result

    For some of us that try and help others on here it is often frustrating when we never hear if our ideas worked or what you actually did in the end! An update is useful for everyone concerned. If you have trouble finding your threads again then go to the -forums -button and the -watched- button...
  12. enrico

    Your liability to report varroa

    Taken from the bbka magazine. It seems it is sufficient to let bee base know that your colony had varroa to comply with the new law. To make life easy, if you use bee base your colonies will automatically be ticked as having varroa although you can uncheck the box! That is enough to comply...
  13. enrico

    Will we glow in the dark?

    Today's telegraph!
  14. enrico

    Solar melters and knitters!!

    I doubt most of you knit but if anyone you know does and buys from this company then the bag that they send the wool in is brilliant. It just takes a national brood frame nicely and pop it in the solar melter. It keeps all the crap in the bag and let's the wax out. The bag lasts for several...
  15. enrico

    Are you thinking of joining octopus for electricity?

    I know this is blatant but this is an eight day only offer. If you use the following code to join octopus you get £100. This is the company that paid me o use electricity during lockdown. Their agile rates have half hour varying rates. They have fixed rates and tracker rates for electricity and...
  16. enrico

    Uncapped stores and what to do with them for beginners

    Hi all! I thought I would throw this in as I know there are some concerns about when and why you nadir supers. The easiest way is not to do it at all! So what do you do instead? You leave capped stores over the brood box with no queen excluder and in spring before you get drones but when it is...
  17. enrico

    Orange pollen

    Still haven't found the source of this pollen but it is coming in by the bucket load. Far too much for dahlias!
  18. enrico

    The season isn't over yet

    Reading this forum it is easy to believe that winter is approaching and we should be reducing down. Just looked in my hives and they are bursting. Bringing in a myriad of pollens and all using the supers in earnest. It has been such a good year for me at last. I know you haven't all had weather...
  19. enrico

    Carbonate crown boards

    It takes a while for us oldies to change habits of a lifetime but this year I made polycarbonate crown boards for all my hives. I put them on two weeks ago Oh how I wish I had done it years ago. A simple lift of the roof and you can see what is going on without disturbing everyone by taking off...
  20. enrico

    How to find threads you started or commented on

    You all may already know this but I was having problems finding threads I had commented on and hadn't put a watch marker on. I now realise that if you click on the watched button there are two choices. One bring up all your own threads and the other brings up all those you have commented on. It...