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    Irish Beekeepers facing 'meltdown'

    In Ireland in 2012 we had another cold wet Summer followed by a long cold grey damp spring until late April.. A lot of beekeepers have already replenished their stocks by splitting. We are in the middle of a heatwave the hottest the weather has been in 7 years... it is now 10 days without...
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    a bumper honey crop 2013!!!

    7 frames .... 7 more than last year :party:
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    first inspection no brood or eggs

    update. beautiful day here and took a look. the queen is back laying with lots of sealed and unsealed brood. they finished all the syrup too thanks again for all your help and advice
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    first inspection no brood or eggs

    Thanks so much for all your replies and advice.. I will take a look in about 2 weeks time to see if there is any progress.
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    first inspection no brood or eggs

    no i didn't see her . i don't have her marked and didn't want to spend a lot of time looking for her so early in the year. she was present and laying the last time we looked which was in December
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    first inspection no brood or eggs

    I need some advice It hit 12c today so i did my first inspection there were lots of bees bringing in various colours of pollen. 4 frames full with honey stores with the remainder of frames covered with bees, pollen and stores in the corners however no brood or eggs. I dont have the queen...
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    Wet Floor under Varroa Mesh

    Thanks a million for the quick responses :-)
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    Wet Floor under Varroa Mesh

    Hello, We have 1 National Hive with a Mesh Floor and a removable blue floor underneath it. Yesterday when we took it our to take to complete a check for Varroa it was wet. Our bees are very active bringing in lots of pollen and nectar.. our last check was about about 1 month ago and there was...
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    Bees in Tipperary

    Our bees have been fierce busy also here in Co Carlow.