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    Honeybee conservation in Ireland

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    Too late to take off Supers?

    Hi All, I still have supers on the hives that were 3/4 full a few weeks ago. At what point is it too late to take off supers and feed. I've been reluctant as weather has been fine here and they were still foraging with lots off bees in hive. I didn't want to cram them into a BB. I've also put...
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    I.D. please

    Seen this on the Lavender earlier. Initial thoughts was a solitary wasp?
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    Small Nuc under attack

    Friend just called me this morning to say his small Nuc was under attack from Wasps. Its a newly mated Queen and they are only about a frame of bees. We moved the hive 100m and reduced the entrance. There was still a few wasps around after we moved them so not sure what to do now?
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    Set honey

    I extracted a couple of supers the other week and the honey set within 3 day to a milky white (photo below was taking in artificial light). At time of extraction there was a mixture of light and dark honey going into the extraction bucket. I read that honey sets when it has a higher ratio of...
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    Western Europe Heatwave 2021

    Really enjoyed the heatwave over the last week or so in parts (still had to work days). I think the plants and bees did too. Appreciate that other wildlife may have suffered a bit such as the fishes in our rivers but nature does balance things out. Sitting out in the garden and hearing sounds of...
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    Removing Queen excluder

    I've seen some posts where the forum member does not use a QX. Is there any rules you should follow to prevent Queen from moving up from the brood box into supers if you do remove the QX?
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    Out of interest, how many frames of honey would you expect to pull from a hive in a good year?
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    Disturbing Bee Deaths in Belgium

    I was sent this video earlier on my phone which is rather disturbing. Seems like bees of all sorts are dying in this city of Belgium. I've no idea why this might have happened. Maybe the local council were spraying pesticides? I searched online for the video but couldn't find it so have uploaded...
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    Moving from Apidea (mini nuc) to Main Hive

    Hi All, How do you move bees from Apidea to main hive and when is the best time to do it? So I split a hive into two main hives and also took another nice QC and placed in Apidea. Queen should have emerged in last 5 days and hopefully mate in coming days. When is best time to move them and...
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    Genetics/Diversity/Inbreeding/Bee Health

    Hi All, How do beekeepers ensure their bees stay healthy through diverse reproduction. It cant be good for an apiary to continually interbreed! Do you move virgin queens to another apiary far enough away that they do not come in contact with drones from their mother colony? Edit: what is a...
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    Do Queen excluders work for Wasps?

    Hi All, I have added a few supers with queen excluder to a brood box as the colony are expanding at a rapid rate and building up stores quiet nicely (god knows how in this weather). Anyway, I was thinking to add a top entrance through the crown board to allow workers easy access. Is this a good...
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    Feeding Fermented Honey to Bees?

    Hi All, I have been handed a few partially filled brood frames from a hive lost during the winter. Not all of the honey is capped and I thought it smelled a bit fermented when I opened the bag. Would it be ok to put into a hive and let the bees clean them out before discarding the frames?
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    Over winter colony

    Hi Folks, Hope you all bee keeping well. I have not opened my hive in a few months. Last time I checked they still had plenty of fondant in reserve. Was wondering what to expect when I open up the hive for the new season. What's the difference between a strong and weak hive moving into the...
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    Comb honey/Foundationless frames

    I would like to get a couple of frames of comb honey this coming season and was thinking to add a few frames without foundation to the supers. I use a standard commercial super. Looking at some videos on top bar hives they seem to use a frame with a V shape on the bottom of the bar. I'm guessing...
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    New Apiary Site

    Hi All, I am currently looking around my local area for a small apiary site. What's the main things you would look out for when selecting a potential site? I've posted screenshots below of a potential location close to a water source and reasonable amount of foliage. There is rapeseed within...
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    Queen disappeared - what happened?

    Hi All, Earlier on in the season I got a caste swarm from a friend. We settled the bees into a new hive and added 2 full frames of honey to give them a boost. First inspection after 2 weeks went well and new queen was filling out frames with brood and all seemed well. The next inspection and 3...
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    Identification please

    Hi All, Spotted this little creature among the bees on the lavender. Never see anything like it before. I first thought it was a humming bird. It was hovering around the plant with serious aerial ability. Would describe it as furry with butterfly wings.
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    Wasp excluder - mesh size?

    Hi All, I have been trying to find information on the size (width) of the common wasp as I was thinking to put some mesh over the beehive entrance similar to a queen excluder. Would still leave a gap for queen, drones (and wasps) but it would be much easier to defend for a small colony. What...
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    What are these?

    Hi All, I placed a swarm trap out the other week and lifted the lid today to find these under the lid. What are they? I initially though they might be wasp larvae but after looking it up they dont seem to match. The outside looks like cardboard and the one on the right already hatched.