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  1. Mabee

    Moving Nucs -3miles

    I have been researching and have lots of conflicting advice. I need to move a nuc about a mile. They have a new laying queen about 2 weeks now (1). Plan is to move in evening and leave in nuc for 72hrs (2), put branches in front of hive when I open and place old nuc in old spot for old foragers...
  2. Mabee

    AZ Hives in Beeshed

    Thought i’d share my garden set up. I have two (in use) Slovenian AZ hives in our ex summerhouse. I’ve not overwintered them in here yet but both colonies doing really well so far. These hives are designed to go inside sheds and open like a cabinet at the back, the door has a built in feeder...
  3. Mabee

    Feeling sorry for small colony

    I just wanted to share something that happened a few days ago. I had an apidea which i’d removed the queen from and i’d decided to put the queen i’d removed from the hive (where new queen went) in with the remaining bees in the apidea to give a chance to survive. Anyway found her dead in the...
  4. Mabee

    How Long Before Checking Queen

    I know I read this information somewhere but can’t find it now. Bees raised a queen from emergency cells, she’s been out and mated a few days, the last being 20th, when I saw her return. Pollen now going in at entrance. I have written in my notes to check for eggs in Aug 3 (allowing a...
  5. Mabee

    Split Dlemma, Advice Needed

    So I split my one hive in May, moved the old queen with brood and stores to a new nuc (i’ll call this hive OQ) and the old colony (i’ll call NQ) raised a queen which I heard piping so I know she hatched and I made sure there was only one cell, that was 2 weeks ago. The NQ colony has been...