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  1. dickbowyer

    Incubator probems

    I used to be able to incubate queen cells in roller cages in my egg incubator without apparent problems and thought I did it at 36.5 degree C. Queens emerged fine and lively and seemed ok for 24 hours left in cages. This year, read temp should be 34.5 degree C, queens emerging but seem less...
  2. dickbowyer

    Oxalic sublimation efficacy and effect on open brood

    I have previously treated hives after removal of honey supers by 3 applications of sublimated Oxalic Acid in its licensed version at 5 day intervals in late summer as described on this forum on a previous sticky link I can no longer find. Is this still thought to be effective? Recent paper this...
  3. dickbowyer

    Statutory duty to report apiaries with Varroosis 🙄 from 21st April

    The Bee Diseases and Pests Control (England) (Amendment) Order 2021
  4. dickbowyer

    Anything new on beekeeping software front?

    This may have been done to death and pencil & paper maybe king but is there any new beekeeping inspection software out there? None I have tried has suited as just seem to be graphical interface for spreadsheet type data. I have mostly stopped using them as they seem unable to cope with basic...
  5. dickbowyer

    High winter losses

    Inspecting over weekend, I have become aware of high winter losses between 5 beekeepers, with either dead or queenless colonies at around 2 out of 3 here in West Sussex. Is this representative?
  6. dickbowyer

    Wheelbarrow for moving Nationals

    I have been looking for a garden wheelbarrow with flat bottom of sufficient size that will also accommodate the 460mm square base of a national hive. Can anyone recommend a manufacture/style? I have had a few odd looks as I wander around garden centres with crown board vainly trying to find a...
  7. dickbowyer

    Charge for running hives for commercial company

    A number of companies now have hives based on and around their premises as part of their environmentally friendly policies and presume they employ beekeepers to manage those hives. Has anyone any experience of doing this, pitfalls and what might be the going rate per hive for a season? Clearly...
  8. dickbowyer

    LASI Blog - high acceptance in the direct introduction of queens with smoke but without cages Interesting?
  9. dickbowyer

    Oxalic acid sublimation treatment this winter

    As the forum is a little quiet at present, thought would start thread on Oxalic acid sublimation this particular winter. I would normally be thinking of sublimating my national hives, nadired with a super, at the end of the month with 1.5g oxalic acid dihydrate. There are two issues, firstly...
  10. dickbowyer

    Oxalic acid sublimation with supers on hive

    This year I am treating my hives with 3 application of sublimated oxalic acid at 5 day intervals. Colleague of mine did one hive of mine in his apiary which still had two supers on. Is this honey safe to extract. My reading is that it is safe to extract?
  11. dickbowyer

    Bee-Bee Tree (Tetradium daniellii) about to flower for first time

    Bought a Bee-Bee tree 3 years ago as a 2 year old sapling and now about to flower for the first time, lucky bees. Very excited. :party:
  12. dickbowyer

    Entrance blocks and mice

    I have previously put a palisade of frame nails 9mm apart in my entrance blocks to act as mouse guards but the newer blocks from T*****s have an entrance that is only 7mm high, will these alone be able to keep mice out?
  13. dickbowyer

    Posting honey

    I want to post out 1lb jars of honey, does anyone sell size specific cardboard posting boxes. Searched forum and internet to no avail.
  14. dickbowyer

    Swarms not walking into new WBC problem

    I have not previously had any problems with swarms walking into my national hives, even when new with foundation but recently have collected swarms for a mentee who has new WBC hives and on both occasions they seem to stall at entrance and cluster on outside of entrance. One we had to smoke to...
  15. dickbowyer

    Uniting after artificial swarm using Snelgrove board

    My recent preferred method of swarm control is to leave single frame of brood and queen with other frames of foundation in fresh brood box with queen excluder and supers replaced above with original brood box then on very top above Snelgrove board leaving only open queen cells. I then change...
  16. dickbowyer

    Aggressive hive about to swarm

    One of my garden hives, whose previous carniolan queen was superseded last year, has turned very aggressive in the last few weeks. Two very heavy OSR supers on top. No problem when left alone but multiple stings to gloves and pinging off veil with merest attempt to inspect brood box. Today...
  17. dickbowyer

    Cheap sugar for autumn feeding

    You may not want it now but 2x25kg bags of granulated sugar is total £30 at b**kers until beginning May. That is 60p a kg.
  18. dickbowyer

    Cleaning out granulated supers of drone comb

    Last year I ended up with some supers with drone comb filled with granulated honey that I was unable to extract. I used some as stores under the brood boxes over winter and were cleared. I still have a few that I would like to get the bees to clear so so can be used as fresh supers again this...
  19. dickbowyer

    Brace comb under frames in brood box

    I usually put a super under my National brood boxes to provide honey for bees to overwinter. I inspected one hive today where I had moved such an empty super above a queen excluder last week. OSR is in flower locally and hive has 7 frames of BIAS. Surprised to see loads of brace comb under the...
  20. dickbowyer

    Beekeeping on Guernsey

    If you were a mainland UK beekeeper thinking of moving to Guernsey, are there any issues such as importing, Varroa etc to bear in mind?