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  1. gmonag


    As I was adding another box (super) to a hive this morning, I noticed a gap between them. "I'd better tape that up" I thought, "or else the wasps will get in.". Then I realised I have not seen a single wasp at all, this year. After last year, which was a wasp plague here in Suffolk, that is...
  2. gmonag

    Fungus kills Varroa

    Interesting article
  3. gmonag

    Poppy's Hive

    Reposted from FB. Please help us! Poppy's hive has been stolen. Someone broke into the field in Sidlesham, outside Chichester, and took the hive. This isn't a theft of a bit of honey, this is a years work and dedication and the savings of a little girl who hasn't been told yet that they're gone...
  4. gmonag

    Left hand/Right hand

    Just got the April edition of BBKA News. Page 117, full page briefing note on banning imports of packages, signed on behalf of several national Associations. Page 128, ad by BE, advertising "Fabulous Selection of Package Bees" :banghead:
  5. gmonag


    News just in:-
  6. gmonag

    Busy forum

    Is it just me, or has this forum just got much busier? There are lots of new (to me) faces here too.
  7. gmonag

    Preventing casts

    Interesting new article over at "The Apiarist". David suggests that emerging (releasing) multiple virgins at the same time causes casts: "So, perhaps hive inspections that (inadvertently) result in the release of multiple virgin queens are...
  8. gmonag

    English pedantry

    Most manipulations that we use are named after the inventor, e.g. Demaree, Snelgrove, Bailey etc. So when I was taught about the Shook Swarm I assumed it was first described by a German beekeeper, Herr Schuck or similar. I was suprised when I first saw it written down, because the tense is...
  9. gmonag

    Water Feeder

    It is well-known that bees seem to prefer filthy water when foraging. They are always collecting water from a ditch near the hives and also from the potted plants in my garden. Now that everything is drying up I put out water feeders, which they ignored - until I sprinkled compost into the...
  10. gmonag

    Small Bees

    I have been happily watching my bees come and go today in the calm, mild spell we are having. I notice that one colony has bees that are noticably smaller than all the others. I use a lot of foundationless frames so the bees can build natural comb of whatever type and size they want. They are...
  11. gmonag

    Posting photos

    Can anyone explain how to get uploaded photos to appear in the post as thumbnails or links in a box, instead of HUGE photos emmbedded in the post, which is really annoying?
  12. gmonag

    Reading the Varroa Board

    I vaped four hives yesterday and took photos today of the varroa boards to aid counting the mites. I have attached the photos (NB the distortion is caused by Photoshop stitching two photos together). The top of the photo is the front of the hive, frames are cold-way. The varroa drop is easy to...