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  1. Cricketfool

    Th**nes Budget Extractor

    Has anyone got/used/seen Th**nes budget extractor? They want £140 for extractor, 3 small buckets, 1x30 lb bucket with valve and double strainer. Was wondering about getting one with a beekeeping friend and sharing it - we have 1 hive each.
  2. Cricketfool

    Yorkshire Beehives

    I was wondering if anyone had bought hives from Paul at Yorkshire Beehives and if they are happy with their purchases.
  3. Cricketfool

    Commercial Nucs

    Do members know of anyone in Dorset or Hampshire who might be able to supply a nuc on Commercial frames?
  4. Cricketfool

    Candy boards

    Has anyone used candy boards? I've heard them mentioned on U.S. sites but not UK ones. I am still not sure if I need to feed my colony this winter and when. I guess this cold snap may mean they are using up more stores at an early stage of the winter yes?
  5. Cricketfool

    Thorne's Budget National

    I am a complete beginner looking to get a hive soon and am a little bewildered at the variety availablable...:leaving: Does anyone know much about Thorne's "Bees on a budget" flat pack national? The blurb says "Timber may have solid live knots. All frames are second quality and made...
  6. Cricketfool

    What is a reasonable price?

    I am a complete beginner here and looking to buy a couple of Langstroth hives second hand. I have no idea how much is reasonable to pay for one in good condition - without frames. Can anyone help?