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  1. iamduvern

    Extractor Motor speeds

    I have recently acquired a Parvalux motor with built in speed controller the motor runs at 4000 rpm and the gearbox puts out 225 rmp at top speed. Would this be fast enough to fit direct to the basket?? My main concern is that if extracting 5/6 supers worth would cause the motor to overheat if...
  2. iamduvern

    A little advice please

    Last September I was given a hive with a strong colony and was advised that no treatment would be required for the forseable future it appeared to winter well and upon the first couple of inspections seemed to be doing ok. Three weeks ago there was 3 frames of brood and lots of activity having...
  3. iamduvern

    New hive today

    I have been out today knocking on doors looking for some pigeon and rabbit shooting and found a small farm that had a couple of bee hives speaking to the owner he has decided to call it a day with his bees and would I like to have them so I nipped home picked up my suit and had a quick look in...
  4. iamduvern

    Advice Please

    I have the hive I have the veil the smoker and other assorted bits and pieces just need the bees so my question is should I go for frames in a nuc or a package of bees?? Pros and cons for either please
  5. iamduvern

    Newbie here

    The hive is ready to go I have got a smoker gloves and a hive tool(just need a jacket and veil) Can anyone recommend a good supplier of bees and a queen?? also is it to early in the year for a newbie to start as the weather seems a bit cold still Im not overly concerned about honey production...