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  1. dickbowyer

    Incubator probems

    I used to be able to incubate queen cells in roller cages in my egg incubator without apparent problems and thought I did it at 36.5 degree C. Queens emerged fine and lively and seemed ok for 24 hours left in cages. This year, read temp should be 34.5 degree C, queens emerging but seem less...
  2. dickbowyer

    Oxalic sublimation efficacy and effect on open brood

    This is reportedly what he said so may not be what he actually said.
  3. dickbowyer

    Oxalic sublimation efficacy and effect on open brood

    I have previously treated hives after removal of honey supers by 3 applications of sublimated Oxalic Acid in its licensed version at 5 day intervals in late summer as described on this forum on a previous sticky link I can no longer find. Is this still thought to be effective? Recent paper this...
  4. dickbowyer

    Statutory duty to report apiaries with Varroosis 🙄 from 21st April

    STATUTORY INSTRUMENTS 2021 No. 420 BEE DISEASES, ENGLAND The Bee Diseases and Pests Control (England) (Amendment) Order 2021 Made 29th March 2021 Laid before Parliament 30th March 2021 Coming into force 21st April 2021 The Secretary of State makes the following Order in exercise of the powers...
  5. dickbowyer

    Statutory duty to report apiaries with Varroosis 🙄 from 21st April

    The Bee Diseases and Pests Control (England) (Amendment) Order 2021
  6. dickbowyer

    Anything new on beekeeping software front?

    This may have been done to death and pencil & paper maybe king but is there any new beekeeping inspection software out there? None I have tried has suited as just seem to be graphical interface for spreadsheet type data. I have mostly stopped using them as they seem unable to cope with basic...
  7. dickbowyer

    Konigin Machines

    The 82-4-AG will take 4 brood frames or 8 super frames. I can confirm it will fit 2 super frames per tangential swing cage. I looked at 63-4-AG and both Konigin and Thornes confirmed would only fit 1 super frame per swing cage.
  8. dickbowyer

    High winter losses

    Inspecting over weekend, I have become aware of high winter losses between 5 beekeepers, with either dead or queenless colonies at around 2 out of 3 here in West Sussex. Is this representative?
  9. dickbowyer

    Konigin Machines

    Is this the 63-4-AG model. If so Thornes describe it as only taking 4 super frames. Interested to know as looking to buy.
  10. dickbowyer

    Wheelbarrow for moving Nationals

    I have been looking for a garden wheelbarrow with flat bottom of sufficient size that will also accommodate the 460mm square base of a national hive. Can anyone recommend a manufacture/style? I have had a few odd looks as I wander around garden centres with crown board vainly trying to find a...
  11. dickbowyer

    Charge for running hives for commercial company

    A number of companies now have hives based on and around their premises as part of their environmentally friendly policies and presume they employ beekeepers to manage those hives. Has anyone any experience of doing this, pitfalls and what might be the going rate per hive for a season? Clearly...
  12. dickbowyer

    Cbpv provides some support for doing shake out as I previously described. I treated a hive like this earlier in the week and will report outcome.
  13. dickbowyer


    I have been told that shaking the bees out and allowing them to return to the old frames on the same site having found the queen and reserved her for return is the way to go. It removes the infected bees so reducing viral load.
  14. dickbowyer

    BeePlus record keeping app

    No longer free I see
  15. dickbowyer

    How to control swarming? Stages of swarming

    Poor Brits, troubled by fake news and now fake beekeeping.
  16. dickbowyer

    Asian Hornet - Update

    £14.50 each, that's €6 post Brexit?
  17. dickbowyer


    Why not sublimate oxalic acid in whatever form you are happy to use and repeat as per Hivemaker's recommendation once supers off, very cheap once bought equipment.
  18. dickbowyer

    Heads Up - Anglers Barrow at Aldi

    What I meant was when you have measured withe tape measure, could you please post dimensions?
  19. dickbowyer

    Heads Up - Anglers Barrow at Aldi

    Could you please post dimensions?
  20. dickbowyer

    Jamie Ellis's definition of supercedure

    He is Professor of Entomology from Florida, lectured 2014 I believe at National Honey Show. Nice chap, sure he would be happy to debate point by email if you wanted.......