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  1. Oakbear

    Confession of a negligent beekeeper... and request for help please!

    2013 started off very promisingly. Although i went in with a single colony they built fast, and i did an AS to get back to 2 colonies. I visited every week. The original hive continued to go from strength to strength and i put 2 supers on, leaving off the excluder to encourage them up for a...
  2. Oakbear

    OSR still going?!

    Local farmers here seem to have planted a late variety, which is still in full bloom! The cold snap after the early heat we had seems to have checked it, and then better weather in the last few weeks has started it up again. Not sure if my hives are working it, but have to assume so i guess...
  3. Oakbear

    Looks like i upset them!

    After patiently waiting 3 weeks for my virgin following an AS to complete her flight and start laying, i thought i'd have a peek this afternoon. As usual they were lovely, but no sign of queen and no eggs. All old brood had hatched. Numbers appeared to have dwindled somewhat, but tons of pollen...
  4. Oakbear

    False wasp nest?

    Anyone used the fake wasp nests which are supposed to be a detterent to both foraging wasps and hornets? I have to say i'm skeptical, given they look like a cloth bag and cost nearly £20 for 2. Also wonder how effective it is if they smell honey! If it works it'd be worth it though.... Here's...
  5. Oakbear

    14x12 Poly nucs?

    Anyone know where may supply these please? Or wooden ones that don't cost the earth? Cheers!
  6. Oakbear

    Chalky queen advice please

    Hi folks, I have a single colony which i plan to split this year with an artificial swarm. I'm looking to add at least one colony, so all good if they've read the books. The queen i have is last years, and seems prone to chalk brood. She's doing a sterling job building up at the moment, but...
  7. Oakbear

    Woodland site?

    Hi folks, I've just been offered a site in my friend's wood for my bees. It's primarily oak, sycamore and ash, with a smattering of hawthorn and elder. I've not know anyone who keeps bees in a wood. What are the pros and cons? It's not huge so they should have plenty of other options for...
  8. Oakbear

    Too late to start apiguard?

    I've left things a bit late as i want my colony to rebuild after getting quite badly robbed by wasps (but they've been recovering pretty well). As a result i've left varroa treatment out up to now as there was still a good supply of pollen and nectar coming in and didn't want to disrupt them...
  9. Oakbear

    Mixing poly and wood hives?

    Sorry if it's a dumb question, but are the parts for poly and wooden hives interchangeable at all? I'm looking at getting another couple of hives next year, and poly appeals, but as i have some wooden supers, ekes etc it would be nice to be able to use them together if needed. Oh, and anyone...
  10. Oakbear

    Time to settle after move

    Hi all, I'm thinking of moving from my garden to an out apiary, and there's a couple of fields near me which are an option. Problem is they're well within 3 miles (about 1/2 mile tops), and obviously more then 3 feet away! So i was thinking could i move them temporarily over 3 miles, then move...
  11. Oakbear

    First inspection - quite a bit of chalk brood

    Hi all, I got my first nuc a week ago, with a mated 2010 queen, and have resisted the urge to inspect until today. When i bought it i noticed maybe 3 or 4 cells with chalk brood, but thought nothing of it as had been taught this is relatively usual and nothing to worry about. They were...
  12. Oakbear

    Main beek forum too busy?

    Hi, I know i a newb here, but i've noticed the main forum moves pretty fast. Fast enough both my topics of a couple of days ago are on page 3 now. I appreciate that threads die and conclude naturally, but i can see other threads where i think more input or viewpoints would be useful, but as...
  13. Oakbear

    Fitting 14 x 12 frames in a National stadard BB?

    Hi folks, dumb newbie question coming up!..... I've just found out that the 5 nuc frames i'm collecting are 14 x 12 size. I only have a standard national hive to put them in, and i'm not buying a box with the frames, but transferring the frames directly to my BB. If i add a super underneath...
  14. Oakbear

    Hive positioning and 'flying up'?

    Hi all, I'm hopefully getting my first bees this week, and have a national set up and ready. I have a nice sheltered spot ready for it that still gets a bit of sun, surrounded by a brick wall on 2 sides and a greenhouse on another, which will be ideal for hiding it away from not so keen...