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  1. iamduvern


    My hives are right next to the chicken run and there has never been a problem
  2. iamduvern

    Extractor Motor speeds

    I will be using the Parvalux motor but I will not have to spend time machining up a couple of pulleys and messing around with gear ratios. Instead it will be one cushdrive connector so the motor will fit directly onto the basket The colony that did not make it was found down the street when the...
  3. iamduvern

    Extractor Motor speeds

    Thanks guys looks like I will be going down the direct drive route
  4. iamduvern

    Extractor Motor speeds

    I have recently acquired a Parvalux motor with built in speed controller the motor runs at 4000 rpm and the gearbox puts out 225 rmp at top speed. Would this be fast enough to fit direct to the basket?? My main concern is that if extracting 5/6 supers worth would cause the motor to overheat if...
  5. iamduvern


    torrentz seems to be a good free site
  6. iamduvern

    Bee Job at Sussex Uni

    Dream job shame about the wages maybe in a couple of years when retirement beckons
  7. iamduvern

    Budget Honey extraction

    That I must try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. iamduvern

    Bee sting experiences

    Ive had a couple of bee stings small lump and a bit of an itch nothing to worry about. Then this afternoon a wasp sting in my left eyebrow within 30 mins my eye has closed up and the left side of my face swollen up and an ache in my upper jaw
  9. iamduvern

    posible hedgerow pete on watch dog??

    As most bee keepers are hobbiests then yes its aimed at them If I was to do it as a living then I would expect fair reward if I get a phone call from a local farmer telling me that he has a fox bothering his stock I go and shoot the fox I do not expect payment for it as I get a little ferreting...
  10. iamduvern

    posible hedgerow pete on watch dog??

    Unbelievable !! That people charge I have done Fell rescue and 2 years on life boats NO pay and No expenses I put it down to GREED on most peoples part but thats the society that we live in people are not prepared to help others its "whats in it for me" mentality that has ruined this country
  11. iamduvern

    Hi all

    That must bee me then!!
  12. iamduvern

    Insurance/Neighbours and Stings

    How has he failed?? No matter where hives are placed if bees are able to range then sooner or later people will get stung I have mine at the bottom of my garden with an 8 foot fence on 3 sides so the bees are as a rule over my neighbours heads when passing through buts what to stop them dropping...
  13. iamduvern

    advice re nosema and varroa

    When would be the latest time in the season that you could do a shook swarm?
  14. iamduvern

    Do all Bee Keeping Suppliers give rubbish service?

    I recently brought a cedar hive on ebay from some one called Beejoiner 4 weeks delivery and when it arrived the bood and super sides were missing along with all of the fixings It was advertised as having metal runners and a cedar roof I got plastic runners and a compressed wood roof and due to...
  15. iamduvern

    A little advice please

    Varroa treatment was given in September before I recieved them A local beek then had a look on my first inspection and told me that everything appeared to be well unfortunatly I can not call upon her services at the moment as she is not well so I am having to refer to books and tinternet and I...
  16. iamduvern

    A little advice please

    Last September I was given a hive with a strong colony and was advised that no treatment would be required for the forseable future it appeared to winter well and upon the first couple of inspections seemed to be doing ok. Three weeks ago there was 3 frames of brood and lots of activity having...
  17. iamduvern

    Extractor lubrication

    Try these people
  18. iamduvern


    That is one large bee suit!!
  19. iamduvern

    New hive today

    We have all of the healthy rabbits any mixi bunnies go to the ferrets and the dog Pigeons I tend to breast out as luck would have it its venison tonight curtesy of a Post Office van that clipped a small muncjac a couple of days ago that went into the boot of the car and around to a butcher...