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  1. DaveG23

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Fed 3 hives with hopefully their last feed. Topped up the feed in a few nucs. Ivy is in full flower and giving off a strong smell when you get up close to it. But no smell at the hives and no sign of bees on the ivy itself.
  2. DaveG23

    Honeybee conservation in Ireland

    Interesting video, thanks for posting. The log hives look like a lot of work to make, fair play to that man.
  3. DaveG23

    Hive prices

    Came in to see if the op's question had been answered... Sees that the thread has detoured in a mostly random way in true internet fashion... Leaves satisfied 🤣
  4. DaveG23

    No honey show this year .............for us its all online.

    Patrick how are shipping rates and delivery times to Ireland? Had a look a while ago and they were a bit off putting since Brexit.
  5. DaveG23

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Checked a few hives for stores/fed and removed apiguard trays from the last to get treated. 1 hive has an English feeder on but the central cup is missing, I had filled it with grass to stop them drowning, obviously have not put enough in as there was a cluster of bees on the side wall if the...
  6. DaveG23

    Winter hive protection

    What are they made of? Looks like damp proof course on the website. My father in law wraps his favourite hive in that every year. No idea if it helps but that hive is usually the strongest in the spring. I assume the black attracts the heat and helps warm up the hive on sunny days.
  7. DaveG23

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Think you can buy knotweed honey in the states, known as Mexican bamboo in some parts over there. I wonder what temp it needs to produce nectar, I could be swimming in knotweed honey if it was warmer here. If the hybrid mont bretia was also a more reliable nectar source then I would really be...
  8. DaveG23

    25mm insulation board

    Yours are PIR/celotex? I am likely to have some spare 25mm EPS soon. Granted not as good thermally as PIR or maybe not as robust as XPS, but I might knock up a nuc to see what it's like. Haven't seen the sheets yet so no idea if they will be strong enough to do this.
  9. DaveG23

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Feeders on and a load of syrup for 2 hives in my garden, 1 had some stores in the BB and the other had been left with a 1/4 super of uncapped honey, but they were all up really earlier today to greet me at the back door and generally acting like nuisance wasps, I took that as a sign they were...
  10. DaveG23

    Best Poly Nuc for a new Beekeeper

    I did this over spring this year, did get quite a bit of wild comb, but it was manageable.
  11. DaveG23

    25mm insulation board

    Good luck with the Op, hope its a success.
  12. DaveG23

    Heather 2021

    Same here for the first time, it's only half a super, some of the frames had uncapped honey, the capped parts extracted fine, uncapped parts are just jelly like. Not worth destroying the frames in my case. Was going to try to keep them somewhere warm and manually agitate somehow, hoping they...
  13. DaveG23

    Hive Alive

    Is hivealive not just a more convenient (and more expensive) way of making thymol syrup? from that basis alone it will suit some people, but not others. I haven't seen any honey bees down at my local beach foraging in seaweed, but they will investigate the seaweed piled up on my vegetable...
  14. DaveG23

    Replacement motor for Lyson Extractor

    Following this thread with interest. Here is a set up I came across online that might be useful for some of you. Seems reasonably priced. Has speed control and can be attached directly to the shaft of the extractor. No idea how it compares to the other set ups or a 'real' version. Honey...
  15. DaveG23

    Queens or more worrying?

    Look like European hornets, but I've only seen them once or twice, sure someone with better taxonomic skills can confirm.
  16. DaveG23

    What did you do in the 'workshop' today

    Not sure if this is workshop worth as it only involved scissors and gaffer tape... Repurposed an old futon mattress, to make insulation for above the crown board. The Mattress had 3 materials, one layer of wool, one layer of cotton, and one layer of something manmade in the middle, followed by...
  17. DaveG23

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    just enjoyed watching the bees have their 'last week' of sunshine, August has been full on living in a cloud here, with not even a few hours of heat breaking through. This week the much anticipated warm spell has arrived, last chance for the stronger hives to gather some nectar.
  18. DaveG23

    25mm insulation board

    Bumping this thread, any update on new home made poly nucs? Was interested to see how they went, @Poly Hive how did this project go? Any pics?
  19. DaveG23

    Is a Commercial brood box big enough to see a hive through winter?

    I overwinter some hives on single national, some on single commercial. Makes no real difference to my bees.
  20. DaveG23

    What's flowering as forage in your area

    Well it turns out I had misidentified it, it wasn't in flower and I was looking at the leaves and stem. Saw the first flowers today and I think it's marsh woundwort.