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    Bees in my garage

    We seem to have a lot of hover drone flies about at the moment…………a photo of your suspect might be useful.
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    Thanks to the Forum!

    Didn’t hear that on the jungle drums………glad you safe, sound & now home 👍
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    Freeze, boil or burn?

    Best practice has to be boil / steam & rinse - even if only to rid of propolis and any sticky residue, that would bug the hell out of me & my OCD. As for responsible beeks / disease, if everyone was that knowledgeable we wouldn’t have so much of it. If in any doubt as said excellent kindling &...
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    Hive prices

    Barbie Bee, not really how I would expect a BFA apprentice to act. You do have my sympathies and I sort of admire your enthusiasm but it is misguided in this instance in my opinion. Good luck with the apprenticeship though(y)
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    Hive prices

    Let’s not get too petty folks - we can all choose what to read or not. Worse case scenario we all get fed up with mono drone & bugger off. I think Patrick has come in for a bit of flak lately, fondant springs to mind, this thread is in danger of heading in the same direction……….time will tell.
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    Hive prices

    For me TradeX was improving year on year. The main manufacturers were there which is great in my opinion, preorders and wax exchange. Good to see the jar manufacturers also and see their ranges in the flesh as opposed to pretty online pictures which are not the same. Handy also for those who...
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    Hive prices

    I don’t think they’ll be the only ones not in attendance - a shame as TradeX was shaping up to ‘Bee’ the event to attend as far as I was concerned.
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    Hive prices

    Your best bet will be buying in the sales…… the one just gone:rolleyes: You can still pre order for collection at the Honey Show, have a look at Thornes website for an idea of sale pricing. Maisemore have a sale on at present & Bee Supplies were advertising their online sale here...
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    Rand Sale Day - Thornes

    Not me in person………….but there may be some exhibits from the girls being shipped in :whistle:
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    Rand Sale Day - Thornes

    Great day out today, a return to normality………….fingers crossed. Day consisted of a lovely bacon bap prior to the opening of the sales area - a good number of bargains & dare i suggest happy beekeepers. Then on to loading up pre-orders followed by a factory tour. Massive ham, egg & chip lunch, a...
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    Jar Filling Machines

    I ended up going for a Dani API Matic 1000 dispensing head & a 100cm turntable. The dispensing head is superb, no issues with at all. I’m pleased to have gone for the larger table as being a one man operation the extra space gives me time to sort as I’m going along. Empty jars go on to the...
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    Advice needed on colony management.

    If the queen right colonies are in the same vicinity as your now Q/less colony shake them out in the general direction of your other hives & remove the brood box/stand. They should beg their way in & just bolster the numbers.
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    Equipment For Sale Beeswax For Sale

    25kg exchanged at a cost of £1.67/lb; £91.85 (£64.90 if just over [email protected]£1.18/lb) would get you 275 sheets of 14*12. Add on a wiring charge of £53.08. Total max spend of £145 for £635 of foundation; equates to over £19/kg of wax - better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Think I got my...
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    Maisie's Sale

    The sub £30 prices I referred to relate to goods purchased a few years ago, they were good value then (at sale price) - at north of £50 that’s too steep. Let’s face it, you can’t clean them really well, they do get propolised up and woe betide the poly nuc if you get a wax moth larva in...
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    Maisie's Sale

    As already said regarding poly Nuc’s……sale prices…….what sale prices :eek: I seem to recall buying commercial poly’s at £26/£28…… £55 that’s more than a bit steep for me
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    Using a Fridge to Set Honey

    Good shout - I spent a while looking at fridges and temps etc A quick google and a vast array of suitable temp storage cabinets(y)
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    Strong smelling honey

    Buckwheat? Can’t mistake it - smells like pig slurry. Edit: Actually can’t be buckwheat as you wouldn’t be querying colour you’d be querying why it smelt so bad :ack2:
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    Can putting wet super on hives make bees bad tempered?

    Entrance blocks in place? Can help defensive colonies which will quieten things down.
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    Food Business Registration - exemptions for honey?

    I don’t think your argument regarding jar filling capacity will stand up. You can easily get around this though (I believe). Take a jar of your Honey to a butchers for example & get them to weigh it on their commercial scales, then use this jar as your calibrated weight example when checking on...
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    Show me the honey.

    Re the 15 years of beekeeping…………..a keeper of bees or a beekeeper………..considerable difference & the ‘I've never been stung’ is a nice headline statement I’m sure we’ll all agree. That said even though I won’t be watching and am overly critical of these types of things it does highlight bees &...