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  1. Swarm

    Sale/Quality of foundation

    Foundation doesn't feature in sales, unfortunately. You can store it but I find it's not around for long so yes, get enough to cover any eventualities.
  2. Swarm

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    I don't remember a better year for Ivy, it piled in 2008 and 2015 but not to this extent, my hives have never been this heavy in mid October.
  3. Swarm

    Monitoring Hives

    You can't have your cake and eat it. If you are guilty of the same behaviour you lose the right to complain when you are on the receiving end.
  4. Swarm

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Did another round of hefting and nearly pulled my arm off by the end. Feeding is going to be light this year. I'm so glad that I went with my gut feeling and added second boxes to the late nucs, they now have nice new combs full of ripening nectar. One smaller nuc has come on in leaps and...
  5. Swarm

    Monitoring Hives

    Nobody has been hounded out.
  6. Swarm

    I wasn’t expecting that!

    What's between the upper brood and super?
  7. Swarm

    First Year Bee Keeping Setup

    That's a terrific job.
  8. Swarm

    Hive prices

    Same rule applies if they are forum sponsors.
  9. Swarm

    Bees refusing syrup

    Last orders on bees refusing syrup .....
  10. Swarm

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    If they are anything like mine, the air was black with lots of bees coming in bums down and a strong smell of Ivy in the air. My wife came for a tour of the bees today and she couldn't get over the traffic.
  11. Swarm

    Anyone else?

    Neither appeals, I agree with Poot.
  12. Swarm

    How to stop invasion of wasps

  13. Swarm

    Can Bee species really be so different?

    The other thing to keep in your mind is these bees selected you. ;)
  14. Swarm

    What did you do in the Apiary today?

    Went to add a second feed to the colonies and a quick heft to see how they are doing. Windy and raining when I got there but they were bouncing off my head it was that busy, Ivy and Balsam piling in. Luckily, the sun came out just before I was leaving so I had an opportunity to have a quick peek...
  15. Swarm

    Can Bee species really be so different?

    Well worth the effort IMO. Keep the hard working ones. Bees at the apiary today were all busy piling in with both Ivy and Balsam despite the wind and rain or the fact their stores are more than healthy.
  16. Swarm

    Wrapping Beehives for Winter

    Just adding my two penneth as I see beginners panicking that their bees won't make it through our mild winters without PIR shells or crown board covers. I was leaving that gap to see if they sealed it again but there's a feeder on it now.
  17. Swarm

    Wrapping Beehives for Winter

    Tell that to the bees, they opened it up. It was propolised but they chose to create the opening, in fact they removed all the propolis. I've a number with Abelo poly roofs and also old wooden roofs, I've never seen a difference. The strongest colonies coming out of winter were those with no...
  18. Swarm

    Can Bee species really be so different?

    Patrick? Now you knew that was not a good idea at the time, right? ;) I've been looking at the washed out Ivy these past few days but at the apiary it's still coming in. No idea how they do it but I'm always impressed. Eye, nose and ear? Hope it's not too painful.
  19. Swarm

    Wrapping Beehives for Winter

    This colony removed the propolis and made a ventilation hole ;)
  20. Swarm

    That's the end of the wasps.

    I see a couple hanging around spare boxes but even the smaller nucs are trouble free.