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  1. Poly Hive

    Anyone recognise this hive?

    I don't need to imagine it as I bought another monster which was sitting by some OSR, it was completely stuffed with wild comb honey and the thing weighed a good three hundredweight. A genuine back beaker. Yes I am out with the dates as The SBA Anderson award started either in the WW2 or very...
  2. Poly Hive

    Oxalic acid it "non-treatment".

    Whether it is rhubarb leaves, or an official treatment it is a treatment regardless in my thoughts. PH
  3. Poly Hive

    Monitoring Hives

    I set them up for winter as best I can. I treat in Jan and add fondant for the true winter period. There is in my view nothing else I can do, the rest is in the hands of the bee gods. If they come through then great if not well it's out of my hands as frankly there is nothing to be done...
  4. Poly Hive

    Why not harness tidal energy?

    The European tidal test centre is at Scapa Flow where some of the fiercest tides flow. Scale test sites : EMEC: European Marine Energy Centre Some years ago Robert Gordons Engineering students built a testtidal rig and put it in the Pentland Firth. Bear in mind this faculty was the go to place...
  5. Poly Hive

    Anyone recognise this hive?

    The Glen wasn't invented until the 1950s by Dr John Anderson at Craibstone. The Glen didn't stand on a stand they were on the ground. I bought two from a lovely guy who had 100 in his back garden at Dinnet (Royal Deeside) and sold his honey to Fortnums no less. Going by the stand I'd bet on WBC...
  6. Poly Hive

    Wrapping Beehives for Winter

    These are a couple of my ekes for nucs which may help. Dead cheap to make with the screws for corner strength and initially to pull the glued surfaces together. External wood glue before it's asked. Whilst in theory bees fed in Autumn are fed for the Winter there is that little issue of...
  7. Poly Hive

    Basic supplies

    Personally, I have no vested interests at all with no monetary connections to any maker of anything. I was invited to be an agent for Swienty some years ago but declined on the basis of not wanting to tie up money in stock.. A wise move given the investment I have just made in my hand operation...
  8. Poly Hive

    My bees think it's summer

    14C here and I haven't checked the apiary the last two days as the vandal cattle are now safely mewed up in the cattle courts. The day after my operation the sods broke the fence down for the grass on the apiary side. Thankfully the farm rallied round and put it to rights for me. Last time I...
  9. Poly Hive

    25mm insulation board

    It's single use that is the issue. Years ago I queried Morrisons as to why they wrapped turnips in plastic. They said the customers wanted it..... yeah right. PH
  10. Poly Hive

    Wrapping Beehives for Winter

    What is wrong with insulation over the CB Swarm? Back in the day the Glen hives and WBC's all had straw or blanket "cosies" on top of the frames, certainly in my neck of the woods in the NE of Scotland. Mobus found over years of experimenting that bottom ventilation and top insulation was the...
  11. Poly Hive

    25mm insulation board

    I managed to find the material I wanted in the end. PH
  12. Poly Hive

    Anyone recognise this hive?

    Aye. The beginners I have had who all dewy eyed have told me that the flow hive was the obvious way to go. I said let's see..... and oddly it was never mentioned again. ;) PH
  13. Poly Hive

    Winter Survival Of Your Colonies

    I was sent on a painting course whilst offshore so this applies mainly to metal but it may interest some. The primer coat protects the material. The undercoat protects the primer and works as a key for the topcoat. Said topcoat is to give a pretty colour. PH
  14. Poly Hive

    Anyone recognise this hive?

    There may well be a tea pot under that cosy! LOL PH
  15. Poly Hive

    Anyone recognise this hive?

    My immediate thought is that it's a temp cover for whatever is underneath. PH
  16. Poly Hive

    Feeding Bees – Why? When? Where? How?

    Eh? I said no such thing Understanding bees. LOL But if the cap fits matey: wear it with pride. PH
  17. Poly Hive

    Feeding Bees – Why? When? Where? How?

    How very true. However, what matters more still is whether they are talking sense or rubbish. BEBE? There is an ignore facility built into the software. I have two on that. ;) PH
  18. Poly Hive

    Anyone else?

    It's been around (for my FB atleast) since last year. If it looks like sh*** it probably is. PH
  19. Poly Hive

    Bees refusing syrup

    Captain, I bruise them in Spring and put them in the middle of the brood nest. A week later and that frame is full of brood, so I repeat until I have my 8 frames of brood and then super. No hope involved it just works. PH
  20. Poly Hive

    Bees refusing syrup

    Try a frame feeder. PH