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    Help - HONEYBEE nest in my compost bin

    Cont 3... They have some very light stripes and a little bit furry and going in and out of the compost bin were a minimum of a 40 or so. When I got a little closer a lot more swarmed out and in again as if protecting. I have looked at a book for identifying different bees types and they seem...
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    Help - HONEYBEE nest in my compost bin

    Cont/... Thanks guys for your advice. I live on the Hampshire / Surrey Border in Farnborough. I will take a photo of the bee tomorrow to determine the species I dont think they are bumblebees as they are bigger and they are definately not wasps. Its too dark now to disturb the nest but...
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    Help - HONEYBEE nest in my compost bin

    I am hoping I can get some advice about a Honeybee nest found in my compost bin. I dont want to call pest control because they will just kill the bees. I dont know anything about bees and my recent research tells me how to move the bees to a new better environment. But I am not going to...