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    Making candles ideas or help

    Hi all My eldest (aged 11) would like to have a go at making candles. He is happy to start with something simple. I was thinking tea/night lights might be a good place to start. Can anyone with experience help. If tea/night lights are the way to go what is the shopping list? Any help much...
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    Fields of OSR coming in to flower

    Hi all, I have spotted a large field of OSR coming in to flower near my apiary. Apart from hefting and checking the hives haven't blown over I wasn't planning on doing anything until the weather gets warmer. Should the presence of the OSR make me change my plans at all? Many thanks
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    Home Made oxalic vaporiser

    Hi, I have searched the forum but cannot find anything in detail! Does anyone have a guide/plan to make an oxalic vaporiser? Anyone got any comments on this say?
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    Chicken coop/tractor

    Hi folks, we are nearing the end of building a new house out in the country. We would like to keep some chickens probably no more than 4 or so. Does anyone here keep chickens and know of a similar chicken keeper resource similar to this fantastic forum. Also looking for plans for a chicken coop...
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    Mesh in floor "bad fit" and warping

    Just putting together a budget mesh floor from Ts. The mesh seems a few mm too wide and wants to bow. I could probably use the pins to force it flat at the ends, would that do? Anyone else noticed this? I have the orientation correct as it is 3-4 cm too wide the other way. Many thanks!
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    Early build up

    Slugs seem to be building up nicely in my garden. Loads of them under ports and stones. We moved in 14 months ago (it is rented) and it is an absolute haven for slugs, very destructive!!
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    Both lidl and asda in NI selling £5 fruit trees

    Basically as subject £5 fruit trees in lidl and asda in ni if anyone interested.
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    Emergency floor brace comb

    hi all. about three weeks ago i was about to place an expanding swarm i had caught in to some spare kit. on that day i inspected my other colonies first and ended up using the spare kit for an artificial swarm. i was left with little kit but had a brood box. so one election poster and a pallet...
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    Dave Cushman site

    I think this is a great resource and visit often. Doesn't seem to be working today, anyone else able to get to it? Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place!!
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    Making a beehive BBC show
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    Search function

    hi all, I am having problems with the search function is as much as all searches come up with no matches, even searching for bees :) Is the search function offline ATM?
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    Wildflower Seeds

    In L1dl 2.50 for a 100g box. Is that good value? Dave
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    Hi From Orlock

    In Northern Ireland. Don't have bees but looking into through local(ish) association. Love the forum! D