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    Apifuge (or similar) bee repellent spray

    Hello everyone Has anyone used Apifuge spray or a similar product? I keep my bees on my allotment and while I wean/breed out their defensive and following traits I am looking for a stop-gap product that I can spray on my head to keep the bees away from my face while digging in the plot. The...
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    Overcrowded nuc wants to swarm, clipped queen in grass - advice pls

    Hi all On Tuesday I split my busiest colony, using a 5-frame nuc for the fliers on the old site and moving the old hive to the side. I underestimated how many fliers there were and the nuc is bursting at the seams, in the evening you can see bees almost falling out of the entrance. Today I...
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    Infections (e.g. cellulitis) from bee stings (not allergies)

    Hi all I have been unlucky recently with three bouts of cellulitis (infection of the fatty tissues under the skin) after stings. My foot swelled up to the size of a tree trunk, my face so fat I could not open my eye, and I had a fat finger. In each case I needed antibiotics to kill the...
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    Reduced entrance with Blu-Tack removed by bees, but after 1 week

    Hi all I have a question about entrances please. A week ago I added thymol and reduced the entrance from 4" to 1" to help with robbers. I wanted to use the second entrance block I bought specially, but it did not fit, so as a stop-gap I used Blu-Tack (actually American-bought white tack of some...
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    Returning honey/wax mixture to bees

    Hello everyone I am pleased to have completed my first extraction and am now just waiting to bottle. I have a small tub of wax mixed with honey that came off the Pratley tray. I don't intend to do much with the wax as it's hardly enough for a candle, and the honey has been headed by the Pratley...
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    Slow clearing and simultaneous feeding

    Hello everyone Newbie here, with a question about the slow clearing of supers while trying to feed. I do not own an extractor and plan to rent my association's one. I can only have it for a week and I have to wait my turn, so I have to be ready for when it's available, rather than getting it...