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    Oxalic acid trickle treatment- using dihydrate

    Thanks all. Will do tomorrow x
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    Oxalic acid trickle treatment- using dihydrate

    Hi- Ive got some Oxalic Acid dihydrate which I would like to make up into a solution to trickle on my 2 hives. Looking up how much to use- Ive found conflicting advice. One webpage says to use 7.5g of Oxalic acid dihydrate with 100g sugar/ 100ml water solution. Another says that as dihydrate...
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    Spare api-bioxal

    Hi, I've got 350ml spare api-bioxal if anyone wants it. Mixing it up now to treat hives this afternoon. Collect from Southampton near university asap. Private message me if interested. Thanks. Nuala
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    Oxalic acid solution

    Thanks so much- have ordered some. The bottle of solution I have bought does 12 hives - I've only got 3, so if anyone wants the rest and can collect from Southampton - please let me know. Nuala
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    Oxalic acid solution

    Hi, I've always bought oxalic acid in a ready made solution, but I'm struggling to find where to purchase it from this year. I don't fancy mixing it myself, but most shops just sell crystals. On eBay the 5 % solution is mixed with water - not syrup. I've got 3 hives, so only need 150ml. Any...
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    Selling lip balm and skin cream

    Hi, just wondered if there were any regulations for selling my home-made bees wax lip balm and skin cream to friends or at a school xmas Fayre. Also, any suggestions on costings for a 20 ml pot of lip balm (recipe 110g sweet almond oil, 20g bees wax, 40g Cocoa butter & few drops of peppermint...
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    Buying Sugar

    Hi, called in to Bookers today and bought the 2 x 25kg bags of sugar for £21. With your british beekeeping membership card you can get a bookers card to use when needed. I did this in 2009 and have been using the card since. They've also got a very good deal on loo paper (48 rolls of blossom...
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    Merging colonies advice

    Hi all, thanks for your help. I have transferred the very small colony into a national nuc (luckily the frame the bees were on was the old national size) and put in 4 frames of stores. I sprayed them with stuff (think it was called nosevit), and will leave them for a few weeks. I will get a 12 x...
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    Merging colonies advice

    Hi- many thanks. I think they prob have got dysentery, but I haven't got a nuc to put them in that would fit the 14x 12 frames. How do I 'eliminate' them? I have got a national nuc that I could transfer them into. I agree about sterilising all equipment before re-use. Thanks again Nuala x
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    Merging colonies advice

    Hi, please can I have some advice. I have got one colony who only just about made it through the winter, with a laying queen (marked green), and has about 2 seems of bees in a 12x14 hive (H2). A different colony, who were strong after the winter, swarmed last sat, I retrieved the prime swarm and...
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    Feeding when changing to 14 x 12

    Hi, yesterday I changed my national brood boxes to 14 x12s on my 3 hives. I followed advice from a previous post - putting the new 14 x 12 plus the queen on her old frame , on the bottom, then queen excluder, then old brood box. I was then advised to feed 1-1 to help them draw out the new...
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    Bees not taking winter feed

    Hiya- just looked at my hive and they have taken half of the 3lb/1.5pt syrup I'd put on weds - yay!!!:hurray:. I have just made up another 5lb syrup to add- and I will smear honey around the gauze again. I am then away for a week ( half term) - so hopefully they will continue feeding, and I will...
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    Jarred honey is slightly

    I used an old chicken egg incubator- took a couple of days. Now I just keep my honey in the airing cupboard in buckets until I need it - tho I haven't got that much! It hasn't crystallised since. N x
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    Bees not taking winter feed

    I didn't realise there was anything wrong with contact feeders. They are all I've got and have been using successfully since I started this hobby 4 yrs ago ( well- it was successful until this one hive this year!! ). I will quote where I got the peppermint advice from when I have chance to look...
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    Bees not taking winter feed

    Hi. I put peppermint essence in after reading that to set up a water source near bees you can put peppermint in that to initially attract them. Didn't work anyway!! This morning I have removed QE, smeared their own honey around the middle hole on crown board, down onto the frames and even put a...
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    Bees not taking winter feed

    Thanks. I have used the feeder over the crown board as you suggest Richard - with 8 lbs sugar on the 25th sept, threw that away untouched after a week, then tried again with 3lb sugar on the 13th October - again untouched- although this was with the queen excluder under the crown board. Will...
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    Bees not taking winter feed

    Hi. The 40 lbs is the amount of sugar the other two hives have taken. I haven't checked for nosema- is there a way of doing that? There isn't any bee poo dripping on the side of the hive. Is it worth treating for nosema - if so - what treatment is there now you can't get fumidal b? I am using...
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    Bees not taking winter feed

    Hi- really sorry if there is already a thread on this- have looked but not found one yet. I have 3 hives in my garden. Started feeding 2-1 sugar syrup on 25th sept, 2 hives have been taking it happily and are nearly at 40lb each whereas one of my hives have not taken anything. This hive was my...
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    royal jelly but no larvae

    Hi- on inspecting a quite strong hive which hasnt made any preparations for swarming yet this year- I found two queen cells with royal jelly in but no larvae. Any suggestions why this would happen? I removed them and Im waiting to see what happens this week. The queen is marked blue and is...
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    small queen cell

    Hi- Ive got a hive that Im certain is queenless- I put in a frame of eggs from another hive and after a week- this frame was covered in queen cells- two of which were capped. However- all these queen cells are quite small (about 2/3 the size of a 'normal' queen cell). Ive removed all cells apart...