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    Sealed Queen cups in all my hives

    Hi Beeno, Do you have any further details on how to do this? I haven't come across this before but would find it useful.
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    Any idea about wood anemones? Specifically, will the bees go for the mixed (blanda) ones which seem quite a lot cheaper than single coloured (coronaria?) ones
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    Angry Nasty Tetchy Aggresive Naggy Etc

    Hi Craig, Did you calm the bees down? If so - how. Regards Vincent
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    bee photos 'dedicated thread' ??

    Maybe we could also have a thread just for sniping? Anyone after a snipe can head straight there, and not have to bother with the bee stuff. I like the idea though Tony.
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    Dead Brood

    I'm with Scuttlefish on this, my money's on EFB. One for the Bee Inspector though. Having said that I am a newbie - my first post in fact - so don't take too much stock in my opinion. FERA have been holding Disease Recognition workshops in Wales this year. I don't know if they are...