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    Is there anything else I can do to bring on the brood ?

    I did my first check on Sunday, but only 2-3 frames of a super which was very disappointing but at least the queen was there and there were eggs as well, but hardly any capped brood going to leave them for another 2 weeks and then check again hoping that there will be an explosion of brood by...
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    A hive on a Hive - any reason why not ?

    Hi All, I have an established over wintered colony in cedar hive (my first ever started beekeeping last year) that is building up nicely. I have purchased a poly hive so I can kick off a 2nd hive, purchased the frames for the broodbox but stupidly did not buy any frames for the supers (2 came...
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    when should you remove the mouse guard ?

    Hi there, when do you guys remove your mouse guards ? also has anyone come across the new beekeeping online auction website ? are they any good ? Thanks
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    How small can an overwintered colony get safely

    Hi checked on my hive no activity and so gave the hive a tap ( no buzz back) took lid off and bees are in there but not many ???? Started beekeeping last may so was really pleased thinking I got them through but now worried they are on the way out ? How small is too small Thanks